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    Straight Male / 30

    Follow on to previous post, also didn’t mean to put trans sexual either not that it matters.

    So after rubbing my sisters clit and making her cum so much which surprised me. And her disappearing to bed and myself having the most intense wank of my life over my younger sister. I thought it would be so awkward, sadly it was another week till our parents went out for us to be alone again. Through the week she had been rather quiet so I wasn’t sure what if anything would happen. She seemed to perk up that day, on the night we both got ready our parents went out and she came down with a blanket. She came down with a big grin and said what we doing tonight then, I knew exactly what she meant she just struck me by surprise. I kind of stuttered a bit and said what do you want?

    Her reply is something I never expected from my 13 year old sister. She said well how about you go down and lick my pussy? With that she was laid on the sofa with her legs wide and I had my tongue inside her pussy and licking her clit. I was in heaven, her sweet pussy juices tasted amazing. I tried to slowly get a finger inside her pussy but she squirmed a bit so I just put my tongue inside a bit. I could tell when she was close to cumming because she wrapped her legs around my head and grabbed my hair, I was surprised the first time I rubbed her the amount of juices there was and how much she’d cum, but tasting and swallowing it all was even better. She laid there a second worn out and said well are you going to let me suck your dick because I never have before, with that my dick was out in a flash and in her mouth. She was very good considering, and I could feel myself close to cumming I told her and went to pull out of her mouth but she wouldn’t let me and kept going. I cum so much in my sisters mouth and she swallowed every bit!

    She then said you swallowed all my cum so I had to swallow yours didn’t I! She asked did I enjoy it and I said of course, I asked her and her reply was yes but I want you to fuck me like I’ve seen on porn movies! This shocked me, never did I think she would want that. She said you’ll have to wait because she’ll have to practice for that. We ended up watching a film and going to bed.

    That’s enough for now more another time if you’s would like?

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