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    Straight Male / 30

    The neighbors we had back then moved away 9 years ago, it was a rural area and they lived about a mile from us. They only had 10 acres, had a few calves, chickens, a few goats and this spotted miniture jack donkey, when they had to be away they got me to take care of the animals. I'd been doing it for like 3 months, not often just when they needed me to. I was an 18 year old boy and we had several horses, big and some minitures, I also had been mounted and taken by a few of the small studs.

    One day while taking care of the neighbors stock their jack came to me sporting a hardon, so I let him take care of me, and he did put it to me. After he finished and I was leaving the lot, that's when I noticed the game camera. I'd been over there lots of times and never noticed it, I wasn't sure that it had filmed us, as we were almost behind this shed. I was hoping it hadn't, and the guy never came out and said anything, but by the comments he made while we were standing by the lot watching the little jack I knew he had seen it.

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