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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 18

    I live in a small rural town, and I am a junior in high school. Usually our gym classes tend to be large, usually containing half the grade, but my gym class happens to be small, containing only ten students, including me. They are all boy excepted for one girl named Sammy.

    Sammy is a nice girl, always smiling. She is also very sexy. She has short blonde hair, perky tits that she almost always keeps covered, but you can still make out their shape as they conter the fabric she wears, and a nice firm looking ass. There are rumors that she does not wear any underwear as well.

    One day in gym class we we're playing volleyball and Sammy walks in wearing a tight fitting gym shirt and even tighter fitting yoga pants. I honestly thought I could see the shape of her pussy. Our gym teach leaves us most days, since we are such a small class, and goes off to do God knows what.

    We had played for a little while, when Sammy said she had to pee. The guys didn't what to stop the game to wait for her. One of them dared her to countinue playing while holding it, and if she made it to the end, he would give her 20 dollars. She accepted.

    As we countinued playing I watched as Sammy held it in, cross her legs this way and that, pushing her hands against her pussy. She looked so cute as she tryed to hold back. Then, when she went back to set set the ball and fell onto her ass. Sammy let out a high pitched moan, and we turned to see her with her legs spread and a wet spot spreading over her crotch, followed by a stream of golden liquid pouring out from the saturated fabric and on to the gym floor.

    I looked at her face as the golden stream countinued to gush. It was red from embarrassment but her expression was that of pure pleasure. After the water works stopped, Sammy stood up and said she guesses she couldn't embarrasse her self any more than she all ready had and proceeded to pull down her wet yoga pants, briefly exposing her bare pussy before her shirt came down to cover it. So the rumors are true.

    She continue playing wearing only her shirt, which for most of the time covered her, but when she would jump to get the ball, her beautiful bottom half would become exposed for all to see. At one point when she jumped I finally got a good look at her pussy. It was a shaved camel toe that was untanned, unlike the rest of her body, and looked so tight, I almost came thinking about slipping my dick into it.

    After we finished our game, Sammy walked in front of us lifted her shirt, treating us to her smoothe round bare tits with pink hard nipples. The image of this naked underaged girl, with her glistening pussy and her perfect tits caused my virgin dick to stretch it self to it's limit. Sammy dropped her shirt and turned around, winking at us over her shoulder. She started to walk towards the locker room with her shy little ass cheeks bouncing up and down as she walked.

    Before I knew what I was doing I ran up behind her, pulled down my gym shorts and boxers ,letting moist cool air kiss my bare crotch, my pink ball sack hang down, and my hard wet cock extend to it's full potential, bent Sammy over with force, and began thrusting my hard cock head deep into her pale illegal pussy.

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    You left it on such a cliff hanger. I want to know what Sammy's scream sounded like, and how her young pussy felt as it hugged your dick.
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    Lol, what moron would believe this crap?

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