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    Straight Female / 53

    I had sex with my 17 year old nephew by marriage when I was 35 years old. We were alone, I was horny and drinking, lowered inhibitions and I came on to him. I think I was his first. I've felt guilty ever since. I cheated on my husband with his brother's kid a double whammy of guilt and embarrassment every time I see him.

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    A guy here, similar happened to me. It was my mothers cousin and intense rival since childhood. She and I had sex, she was my first and in her case more out of spite I don't think she felt anything bad. I on the other hand LOVED IT. I viewed her as more special than any other of my relatives. I would have done anything for her. Probably from his end nothing to be embarrassed about.
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    (Man here). I agree with #1. Your nephew treasures the experience, I am confident. But keep this secret to your grave.
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    So what you are saying is , that you are a desperate whore who has no family morals, and who doesnt care about anyone but her self.
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    Fucking whore slut
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    (Man here) I agree with #1 & #2.
    #3 & #4 can go fuck themselves.
    Have you ever talked to your nephew since about this?
    You should because I believe he'd tell you exactly what #1 & #2 said.
    That he loved it.
    Hell, do it again if you want to.
    I'm sure he would.

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