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    Bi-Sexual Male / 44

    Can't remember her name...

    I was 18/19 and she was 16 when we started seeing each other.

    She had been chasing me for a while and I was not really interested. She was sweet but a bit of a dull kid and I could not see anything between us. Was young and shallow though and found myself single and bored/curious.

    I had lost my virginity a long time previous but she had not. So it was arousing being her first, even though she was a bit shy.

    My motivation for posting this was not because anything amazing happened. We had a few months of sex but nothing more adventurous than oral. The reason for posting is she had the best vagina I have ever seen/been inside. It was so perfect it almost looked photoshopped and was so tight. She got cross with me at times for not looking at her face while inside her but could not help myself.

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