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  • — I Hate My Neighbor —
    Gay Male / 25

    My neighbor aways blasting his music at nite throwing his trash in my yard all because he don't like gays his wife left him he would beat her his son stayed but his girls went with his ex wife his 16 year old sons Sam bedroom window look in my bed room one day i was getting dressed i forgot to close my blinds then i seen Sam looking so i gave him a show.

    Few days go by i just got up i heard my neighbor leave so i looked out my bedroom window then i seen Sam in there back yard tanning so i go and talk to him behind my fence he walks over he was looking good nice tan a six pack blonde hair blue eyes that you loss yourself in.

    I ask him how he is school his siblings and his mom he tells me he doing good his mom and sisters are happy in there new house i ask why he didnt go with his mom he told me because he liked someone and didnt want to leave with out telling them then he asked how i realized i liked men instead of women i told him i found out when i fucked my first and only girlfriend.

    Then he turned red and asked if i could kiss him i pulled him closet and kissed him 5mins of making out he jumps the fence and we keep making out we lay right in the grass i take off his shorts then his 6in rock hard cock was exposed i take my jeans off and expose my 10in cock.

    I suck his cock then i turn and put my ass in the air and tell him to spit on my asshole he dose and i tell him start slow his cock felt great he stared going faster and harder i tell him he doing good 10mins go by then he tells me he's cumming.

    I push my ass deep on his cock he shoots a huge load as he trying to catch his breath i shove my cock in his mouth and i give him tips and he got better with every minute that went by then i rim him well fingering him.

    Then i slowly push my cock in as he his pain moan starts turning to pleasure then i go harder and faster he cums from me hitting his prostate he begging me to never stop i pound him for 45mins he blows load again i pull out and have his mouth finish me i push my cock deep and cum and make him swallow it we kiss then he thanked me and he jumps over and heads home.

    We fuck everyday day now i love it because i help that gay bashers son find his sexuality its even better when i fuck him right next to him well he's passed out from drinking we fuck on the sofa well he's in his recliner i was aways to by my mom revenge is better then sex but mine.

    Ps me and Sam got married when he turned 18 his dad really hates me now that im his son husband and we told him about all the gay sex we had in his house the day we moved its 20 mins from his moms she's so happy for us

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