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    Straight Male / 25

    Well, this was kinda embarrassing at the time, but that feeling wore off and it did change me for awhile. I was 19 and a guy, but liked to dress like a girl and tease he older men that hung around the park in the evening. One night I was having some fun with this guy that said he was 71, he said, you know if I could get it up I'd give you just what you're needing. So I bet him 20 dollars that he couldn't, but if he did he could fuck me, we both placed a 20 on the table and I pulled down my jeans and bent over.

    He played around for a little while, rubbing his dick around on my ass, fingering me and telling me how good he was going to make it feel. I was laughing cause I knew he couldn't get it done, he was using his fingers to push his limp dick in my ass. It was funny as hell as I could just see his face wanting his dick to get hard so bad, then suddenly it did get hard, and it felt big and long when he grabbed my hips and hunched it in all the way.

    I was like oohhhh shit, I just got played, but the old guy fucked me like a hot assed girl and planted a load of his spunk in me. He quickly went soft, and as he pulled out he said, thanks for the ass and the 20 bucks, come back if you want some more dick. I did get it from his a few more times as well as from some other older guys, but then gave it up, and since then only think about it.

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    That's what happens when you act like a bitch, you get treated like one.

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