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    Bi-Sexual Male / 40

    I live almost a double life. On one hand I'm a happily married man. On the other I'm a secret cuck. My wife cheats on me and we both never mention it. It's not something that happens every day but it happens enough. Each time it happens she calls me to see when I will be getting home. I work about 5 miles from my house. I then wait for my security camera to trigger and let me know that someone has pulled down our driveway. Then I quickly drive to the back side of the property and run to the house. Then start checking the windows to see what room she is in. I have many little ways of being able to hide and watch. To me I wouldn't change a thing. It's so over the top hot to watch her being fucked. I usually cum before they're done. In the past I have sent live videos to groups I was in on kik and other places. Last night she was with her lover and his friend. I have never came so hard in my life.

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    I live a similar life. I know my wife has affairs and random hook-ups. She doesn't do it at home and I've never seen her but I walked in on situations that turned uncomfortable when I entered a room where she is alone with guy friends of ours which always made me think something was up. I once walked into a room where just she and a friend were talking very close, he stepped away, she looked guilty, he looked sheepish and the room smelled like pussy. I don't think you have to be a detective to know something was going on. She once left the house for a business trip with a full bush and returned three days later totally bald. Right there I knew. Can't prove it and have never caught her in the act but where there's smoke there's fire.
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    So it turns you on like it does me ?
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    Do you suck other mens spunk from her asshole ?
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    I understand what you feel...itâs so wife used to cheat on me and I loved it..then she stopped and Iâd love her to find another lover
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    I have been wanting to try going down on her after she's cheated , but it just hasn't happened. Everytime I know for sure that she has been with someone else she didn't give it to me later.
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    Next time just take it. Give her the extra dick she seems to crave. Make sure to comment on how wet and loose or different her pussy feels.
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    I'm not a very physical guy. I'm hoping one day she will let me.
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    My wife used to fuck a select few guys on the side, and she told me every detail. She knew how turned on I got knowing she was fucking and sucking these guys. I never got to watch, but when I knew she was with one of them, my mind raced wondering which hole his cock was fucking at that very moment. My cock was so damned hard it hurt. I'd stroke my cock slowly, and think about how hot and wet she'd be when she got home. Then I couldn't wait until I could have her afterward, I wanted to kiss her and smell his cum on her breath, then kiss and lick my way down her body wondering if his cock had been anywhere that my tongue was working right now. And finally, I was dying to go down on her hot, wet, freshly fucked pussy. I love to eat her creamy wet pussy. The taste, the smell...Oh My! What a delicious treat for me as she describes how she sucked his cock, and how he pounded he sweet bald pussy.

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