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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'm glad summer is here , now I can take my daughter to the beach and on the boat. I love when men stare at her in her little bikini.

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    Do they have a little poker as well?
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    How old is your daughter? Judging by your age she could be a teenager or in her 20's. I don't know enough to complain but if she is an underage daughter and she wears a bikini I'd at least have her wear a shirt over it except when she is in the water and most of her body is covered with water, in others words, she should be in the water up to her neck. Best of luck. I do hate to see a young girl abused even if just from looking.
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    Don't worry she is legal age
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    I see your daughter in her Bikini nice camel toe, and she knows you check her out you make it obvious like you can't take your eyes off of her
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    It's a real turnon for me that men stare at my daughter who is now 16. She has been very beautiful and developing since 12 and that's when I noticed boys and men staring at her firm ass, legs and new buds of breasts. She is also a cheerleader for her school and, during football games, when her boobs are bouncing up and down, I love checking out how many guys are staring at her and wishing they could strip off her lollies and go down on her. My daughter first got laid by a high school bf when she was 14 so she's no stranger to sex - but not a tramp. I also know she gets crushes on her gfs dads and her hotter teachers, so thinking about older men getting inside of her is not too far out of the realm of possibility. In fact, I'd rather her being pounded by a man that knows what he's doing than messing around with stupid high school boys.

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