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    Bi-Sexual Male / 46

    I'm glad summer is here , now I can take my daughter to the beach and on the boat. I love when men stare at her in her little bikini.

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    Do they have a little poker as well?
    12 days ago
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    How old is your daughter? Judging by your age she could be a teenager or in her 20's. I don't know enough to complain but if she is an underage daughter and she wears a bikini I'd at least have her wear a shirt over it except when she is in the water and most of her body is covered with water, in others words, she should be in the water up to her neck. Best of luck. I do hate to see a young girl abused even if just from looking.
    12 days ago
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    Don't worry she is legal age
    11 days ago

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