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  • — If The Boss Only Knew —
    Straight Male / 22

    I am 22 years old and have been working in a horticultural business for two and a half years.

    I am the youngest of five other colleagues.

    My boss is called a few times a week by her mother that she has to send someone to help her with something. Then she comes to me and says with a deep sigh that it is that time again. She knows that I will be gone half a day and would prefer that I continue to work in the horticultural business.

    My boss's mother is a bored, old, fat 68-year-old widow who likes some break in time. She often let me come only to talk to me to keep her company. If I had spent an hour with her and wanted to leave, she would stop me and ask me to stay or call her daughter that it might take longer before I have finished with her.

    To be honest, I liked being with her because she always spoiled me with tasty snacks, is very nice to me and I could watch her huge boobs endlessly. She seemed to be well aware of this and, unnoticed, probally I had been too naive, came from one another and I lay with my head between those huge boobs. It felt so wonderful and soft. She held my head and encouraged me to suck her big round nipples.

    It was only a small step before she got me into her bed. I actually only had experience with two girls, one was a slut and toke me in a park for sex. It was my first time and did not know what to do. Although I managed to get into her pussy, it was done in a minute and she never asked me again.
    The other girl was at her home, where we were caught by her mother and I was kicked out of the house forever.

    Anyway, I was surprised how exciting it was in bed with my boss's mother. Despite her thickness, she was quite mobile in bed and her pussy felt pretty good. I actually came to her very quickly that first time but she said I could do it again and we did.

    So the real reason is that often I am called to my boss's mother to satisfy her horny lusts. She can't get enough of it and I also find it very exciting to have sex with such an old horny fat woman. And she teaches me a few things like that. And the boss's mother knows that I am crazy about her and she really likes to take use of it.

    Iâm from Belgium so please forgive me the errors.

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