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    Straight Male / 34

    You can tell which stories on here about dudes fucking their sisters are bullshit, but it does happen, undoubtedly more than people will ever know. It's not something that people would share with their friends. I don't care on here, so fuck it.

    It's a fucked up thing but it's not always bad, and I've done plenty of reading about it, even went to a therapist (though it took a while to find someone I trusted.) I did that because I've spent my adult years wondering if my sister was fucked mentally by what happened. I mean, we've always been close but she keeps her emotions in a shell. The therapist asked me a valid point - is it something I need to know?

    My answer is yes. We went through a lot together, the worst being when I was 12 and she was almost eleven and our parents started having huge fights. When I turned 14, I knew divorce was coming, just from talking to friends. Steph didn't think they'd do that, so when it happened, she was crushed. It was really hard hearing her crying in the middle of the night, and while I know she was intentionally crying loudly so our mom would hear (or dad on some weekends), the tears were very real. Sometimes she came to my room after being 'cried out' to talk, and at around 4, we'd fall asleep. I hated seeing her waking up on the floor or in a chair, so one night I told her to just lay in bed since we knew we'd fall asleep.

    She came to my room more and more at night because she hated being alone. There was plenty of room on my bed for us to lay on opposite sides, which was how it usually went, but while the divorce stuff was new, she was really struggling. I"m still heartbroken over the night she came in holding back tears, then just dove on the bed and hugged me so tight it almost choked me, and she just cried. We eventually fell asleep that way, and woke up in pretty much the same position. We looked at each other with expressions of 'this is weird' but stayed that way. After that, if she came and slept in my bed, she usually wanted to fall asleep with my arm around her.

    That didn't lead to anything sexual, at least not directly, though. One morning, I heard my mom telling Steph that she should be sleeping in her own bed, which started a bit of a spat. She said something like 'It's not normal. Why do you need to sleep in the same bed as your brother?' Steph let her have it.

    "Because I'm fucking SCARED, OK? You have no idea what this is like for me, and you don't care that I"m scared and alone, and Jay is the only one I can talk to. O-KAYYYYY?" She then came in my room while I was getting ready for school. She slammed the door and cried on my bed. Our mom knocked on the door and asked "Steph, honey, can we talk?" Steph screamed "NOOOOO, leave me ALONE!" in a really shrill horror movie voice and threw a model I made at the door. It was heavy and really loud, and it broke, scared the shit out of me and probably mom, too. I heard mom crying and asking Steph to calm down, which only made it worse. I went out and confronted her, and told her to just go to work. She tried to reason, but finally left for the day. I even thought to call the school and tell them we would either be late or not there, and the secretary started telling me why that wssn't an acceptable approach. I forget what I said, but it was about the divorce and how fucked up everything was, and there was no way Steph could sit in school today, nor be at home alone. It was enough (or maybe not, who knows?) At least I tried.

    That morning was pretty monumental in my relationship with my sister. She was genuinely appreciative that I stood up to mom, or at least made her leave, and I could see the relief on her face, maybe realizing that she wasn't alone. We talked a lot more in general starting then.

    Sorry, that's a bummer story when this site is about the juicy stuff, but it's important. Oh well, if not.

    Our dad got me a car as soon as I got my license at 16, partially out of guilt I guess, but also because he knew Steph and I would need to get around when neither of them were home. That helped, too, because Steph and I could just leave and go somewhere, away from the hell of the divorce house. She officially liked boys by then, though not individually, just the natural progression of passing puberty. I drove her on a couple of dates and she never thought much about them after I picked her up and dropped the kid off.

    "They're just, I don't know, empty," she said one night after we talked about the guys she went on dates with. I told her that's what boys were at that age and she shrugged. She was a pretty deep, and very smart girl, even just turning 15.

    When she first asked me about sex, it was a minor question about guys liking boobs or something. When I answered her directly and honestly, it seemed to have cleared the way for more questions. Once again, being in the divorce abyss, I realized she might not have had the talk, or at least if my mom tried, Steph shut her out. So I was as honest and direct as I knew at that point, whenever she asked something. Sometimes it was weird as the answer was graphic, but it didn't matter.

    One day after school, we were both laying on the floor watching TV, sharing a bean bag as a pillow. She squeezed my hand and I looked at her, and she grinned at me. I didn't look away for whatever reason, and she kept her eyes locked on mine. Then she pulled my hand up and put it on her boob. My heart raced and I didn't know how to react. It was so fucked up for a second because it didn't feel right. But then again, I was 16 and my hand was on a breast, and a nice one at that.

    "Steph, I-"

    "It's OK. Just for a little." That answer confused me enough that it disarmed me. Then she turned her back to me, hugging my arm to her, and keeping my hand in place. I was actually a bit scared, knowing it was fucked up but not wanting to do anything to make her feel abandoned or whatever. So I just lay there and left my hand on her tit. She squeezed my fingers, essentially squeezing her breast with my hand, then a second time. The third time I did it on my own and I heard her sigh & she hugged my arm against her body. The responsible vein in me somehow reasoned that it was OK because she was happy, so I massaged her breast a bit more. After a few minutes of laying there, sue fumbled around but ultimately move my hand up under her shirt and onto her bare breast. Now I was shocked, and also getting hard. Inevitable, at that age, with a perfect breast in your hand. I don't care who you are.

    Nothing else happened that day, or for a little while, but we woke up in my bed one day and when Steph stretched, her thigh grazed my groin, or more specifically, morning wood. She froze and smiled at me.

    "You have a boner, huh?"

    Whate ver my reply was, it was weak and she laughed.

    "Lemmie see it."

    "Yeah , right. No way."

    "Come on. Jay, you touched my boob. Lemmie just see it."

    "That doesn't mean-"

    " ;Please?", she asked, and she pulled the sheet down. Overly sensitive to her emotions once again, I didn't fight it. She stared at the tent in my boxers, then nodded at it. I rolled my eyes and reached down, thumbing the waist band over my erection.

    "Whoa", she said, eyes widening. She stared at it for a few seconds, and before I restored my boxers, her hand grasped me around the middle of my shaft.

    "Steph, seriously," I said, squirming, but she didn't care. I don't remember what else we said, but she started moving her hand around. Her hand was so soft and warm and felt really good, which made it harder to resist. I do remember two words I said when I finally gave in: "Use spit"

    Obviously, it's pretty fucked up to be jacked off by your sister, but it felt amazing, and in my state, it didn't take long before I stammered some kind of warning, then sent the semen flying. She yelped in shock and delight and kept stroking me until some got on her hand. When she yanked it away, my dick bobbed and continued making a huge mess of my t-shirt.

    Any guy knows the clarity of thought right after an orgasm, and my mind was all over the place, between guilt, the anger and hurt from the home/parents situation, the fear of someone finding out that we fooled around, and of course, the euphoria of having just been jacked off.

    I tried to talk to Steph about what we'd done, but she quickly shut me down, shrugging and saying 'it felt good, right?" I just shrugged left it, not wanting any more conflict. It was a crazy feeling. All of it, really, as I had this whole new feeling of responsibility to look after my sister. My horny sister, whose boob I felt and who jerked me off in my bed. I promised myself to stop anything else fucked up happening.

    That lasted all of 14 hours.

    At that point, I had brought a TV into my room and was watching whatever show when Steph came in. She wasn't sleeping in my room as often, but when she did it was usually the middle of the night. Every now and then she'd come to bed with me, but mostly to watch TV.

    In one quick motion, she pulled off her nightgown and crawled naked across me and lay down.

    "What if mom comes in?", I asked in a panic.

    " She never has. Just turn the light off."


    "Turn the light off."

    Sh e was saying a lot but in kind of a serious tone. Can't remember what the topic was, but it certainly wan't addressing her nudity.

    "Have sex with me," she finally said out of the blue, trying to pull me on top of her.

    "Steph, no, we can't do that. Come on."

    I tried, but she didn't even listen to what I said and finally rolled over on top of me and straddled me. The light was still on, and I stared at her boobs, just perfect and no sag at all. She talked some more but I was in space, though was brought back down to earth when I felt the heat and the hairs surrounding her vagina come into contact with my dick. The fly of my boxers was open, and feeling that damp heat did me in. She laughed when she felt me get hard, then sighed when she shifted her hips and planted the center of her sex on my shaft. When she slid forward, we were lubricated, and my scalp went numb, just from one slide.

    "Steph, don't. It might really hurt."

    "No, it didn't."

    "Yo u already had SEX?" She laughed, and finally admitted to taking care of the painful part herself.

    Ever impatient and aggressive when she wanted to be, Steph wasn't going to accept no for an answer, and I remember feeling helpless when her fingers fished out my cock and i felt her moving around to line it up. She breathed heavily and put her hands on my chest once I was in place, and as she rocked back and forth, I felt my dick going into her. She maybe got to about halfway down, all of 4 or 5 strokes, when I felt the tingle start. In a panic, I told her she had to get off, then tried pushing her off. She actually laughed and kept riding, fighting off my last-second pleading, then froze and smiled at me when she felt my dick start throbbing.

    It sucked to have shame and guilt arrive with my orgasm, but I remember the pleasure winning. In hindsight, it could have been such a disaster and destroyed us both. I came inside my sister, no protection at all. I still can't believe that happened. That I lasted maybe 15 seconds is a completely different story, but I can't believe that dudes at that age could hold it back, especially their first time.

    I was still inside Steph and she started moving again. I never really lost my erection, and Steph was moaning as she kinda bounced on me. Then her hands went back to my chest and she was grinding into me as well. The angle made it almost painful, but she moved her leg and it fixed everything. I'll never forget how that little move resulted in her sitting back and almost my whole dick going inside. We both really felt that one, and Steph then lay forward onto my chest. She humped a few times and I put my arms around her back. She moaned loudly a few times, then threw her head back and stopped for a second, then ground into me some more. Her eyes opened and looked at me, and her head fell to my chest. I put my arms around her, and as soon as I felt her warm, naked body against me, I came again, like a fool, inside my little sister without any protection.

    We didn't talk about anything until the next day, and I told her we were really dumb for doing that.

    "I know," she said, but added that it was really awesome and then hugged me. Of course I loved my sister, especially through everything, but that hug was really special.

    Until Steph got a boyfriend, almost 2 years later, our sexual relationship continued. It meant I've had to lie my whole life about my first, attributing the loss of my virginity to a fictional girl based loosely on someone at my school, but Steph was my first for several things besides fucking. First hand job, first blow job, first vagina I felt, first vagina I tasted... Our mom got her on the pill, saying it was to help with periods, but maybe just as a precaution. I don't think she knew what we were doing. I was still scared about the possibility of Steph getting pregnant, but still rolled the dice, pill or no pill.

    We have a good relationship now, though we both have our own issues dealing with life. I mostly blame being fucked up by the divorce for how I react to certain adversity, and not unreasonably so. The 'improper' relationship with my sister may or may not have an effect on things, but it hasn't really messed up my love life, other than who I chose to date.

    I haven't yet had the balls to bring it all up with Steph yet. The therapist helped a little, but it's really up to me. I hope she hasn't been a mess because of our sex.

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    I too can tell that anyone who complains in book form like the 34 year old straight male is also nothing but a jealous BS'er also.
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    AMEN! #1. I agree with you 100%. Note that people who uses so much space and really says nothing at all should shape an ship out.
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    dude this is obviously fiction

    it's fine

    but don't start out with 'FUCK PEOPLE WHO WRITE FAKE SHIT' because that's you, asshole
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    LOL at the cucks bitching like pussies abount someone's story. Message board book critic DOOOOOSHES

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