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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 46

    After reading some of the confessions, they brought back a memory from my childhood that I had buried, partly out of shame and guilt. When I was a young girl, I played a lot with my best friend down the street. We lived in a small neighborhood, but there was little adult supervision back then. So, it wasn't unusual to go off and play for an hour or two without reporting back to home and mom.

    One day, we wandered off and ended up in a neighbor's yard. An older man lived in the house. He saw us playing and came out and chatted with us. At some point, he invited us into his house for some milk and cookies. After the snack, he asked if we liked to be tickled. Without really waiting for an answer, he pulled out a long feather and began to run it across our nose and arms. Then he ran the feather up and down our legs. We were both wearing dresses at the time -- typical girls clothes for the 1960s -- so he was able to slide the feather up our inner thighs. My friend found it too ticklish, but I remember the sensation felt good: very light and delicate and I liked it.

    Suddenly, my friend said she had to go home. I left with her, but knowing I didn't really have to or want to go home yet, I decided to return to the man's house on my own. When I got there, he let me back in and asked if I liked the feather tickling and if I wanted to do it some more. I nodded, so he repeated what he did the first time, running the feather over my face and arms and then my legs. He then asked if I would like to be tickled in some special places. Not knowing what he meant, but curious, I nodded. He asked me to lie down in front of him and to lift up my dress, exposing my legs, my tummy and of course my underwear. He ran the feather up and down my legs, paying special attention to my inner thighs, and across my tummy. Then he asked if I was ready for some really nice tickling and when I nodded, he asked that I take off my underwear. I blushed, but was far too curious now to stop. I lay on the floor my lower body now fully exposed. He began to run the feather between my legs. I remember the sensation felt very exciting. My heart started beating faster and I began to breathe deeper as he continued to run the feather over my privates.

    Then he asked me to remove my dress and get on my hands and knees, facing away from him. I did as he asked and soon felt the feather touching my privates and thighs, my ass. He told me to close my eyes and that the tickling would feel even better. He was right, I began to feel waves of pleasure from this. And then I felt his hand on me. It was a very light sensation, almost as light as the feather he had been using. He told me to keep my eyes closed and I could hear him doing something. Next, I felt what I thought was his finger on me, touching my rear, my little pussy and my ass crack. This finger felt warm and I soon could hear him breathing heavily as he moved his thick finger against me, while continuing to caress me with his feather.

    I heard him sigh and felt something warm and wet on my ass. I felt him wipe me, but because my eyes were closed, I had no idea what had just happened. He continued to touch me with the feather for about a minute longer and then said I should open my eyes and put my clothes back on. I did as he asked and before I left, he asked that I keep the feather tickling to myself. I went back to his house several more times, and always the same thing happened.I loved how it felt with the feather and when he pressed his warm,thick "finger" on my body. My eyes were always closed, so I never saw anything. This continued until a neighbor reported to my mother seeing me head over to the man's house. I was told to stay away, and I did.

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