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    Straight Female / 28

    The fact my father in law Harry has no lower legs after a car accident, hasn't and doesn't stop him from fucking me with his huge cock. It also stop his son Mark from dropping me off in the past, knowing his dad would be screwing me.
    They've been sharing me that way since Harry told his son, he was desperate to feel and sexually be a woman again.
    At first they tried using a hooker to satisfy Harry's needs, but she ripped Harry off, and he wouldn't entertain another lady of the night after that.
    Only when Harry admitted he'd always found me attractive and had often gotten boners when I was around him, did my husband speak to me about the possibility of me sleeping with his father. It was a long drawn out process for me and I'll not bore you with the details.
    Once I'd gotten my head around it, I wondered what the sex would be like. And taking those thoughts, our first time was hilarious., in as much as Harry fucked me, or should I say I fucked Harry in his wheelchair. We were both giggling and fooling around trying to get his massive cock in me from the position in the chair. But once we began to fuck, and fucking is what we did, not love making it became a wonderful experience for us both and a huge sexual release for my father in law.
    From then on I'd visit Harry once a week, then twice a week having inventive sex that never failed to have me climaxing multiple times on his rock hard penis.
    And this was the case until December/January just gone (2018/19). What has changed was us all celebrating New Years Eve at Harry's. We'd all been drinking and the midnight kiss with Harry extended into a full on passionate kiss. That lead to us making out on the sofa with Mark watching and encouraging me to ride his father. It was the first time Mark had been present, but we had spoken about what I'd done sexually with his dad many times.
    Whether it was the alcohol, or the fact I became incredibly turned on knowing Mark was there, I just went with the whole scenario and striped naked. Soon I was sat on Harry's cock riding him as he lay on the couch. Just as I was building upto a strong orgasm, I felt Mark get in behind me and then felt his hard cock poke at my asshole. They were going to fuck me together. In my head I thought no, but as soon as his cock entered my asshole, and my orgasm tore through me, I backed onto both of them and remained locked in between them both over the next however long it was they both fucked me.
    In that time I came in a series of orgasms, each being stronger than the one before. Finally both men told me they were about to cum.
    If you can have an all over body orgasm that literally almost makes you pass out from the sheer pleasure it gives you, then I had one as they simultaneously came deep within my pussy and ass. It was so overwhelming, I cried from the experience.
    Both Mark and Harry thought they'd hurt me, but once I'd calmed down, I had them both understand it was possibly the best sexual feeling I'd ever had. I also had them begin to pull out, which made me climax again and I shuddered uncontrollably as they held me.
    Since new Year, I still visit Harry on my own, but around once or twice a month, I go to bed with them both and have an amazing time with father and son fucking me.
    None of this would be coming to light, if Harry hadn't told his son and me about his health deteriorating. We know, and I include Harry, that he probably won't be around this coming New Year period. So these shared experiences are so important now to us all. In many ways I've become so much more involved and fallen so much more in love with my husband, and I know once there is no more Menage a trois, I'll be Marks true lover, wife and soul mate forever.

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    Is Mark hung like his father? Or will that be something that's missing from the mix when Harry is gone?
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    Enjoy the ride babe.
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    Harry's is longer, but my husband's penis is thicker I's say, but then I haven't really gone out to measure them. My passion isn't their size per say, it's how they take me and I how I feel about them both as wonderful men, lovers and true soul mates.

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