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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    My name's Connor, I'm nineteen and for the past four years I've been allowing much older men to feed me their cocks and to fuck me. Overall I've had sex with nearly eighty older men and some guys my age. Most of the men are involved, as I am, in sports and most of them are married.
    I'm a swimmer, field athlete and recently began playing golf. If the wives knew just how much their husbands fuck young guys like me, they'd be no married women in the area I live.
    Having an older man fuck me, to me is simply the best sex you can have. Feeling his cock slide up my ass knowing he's probably not getting any at home with his prudish wife, makes me want to service them any way they want.
    Am I a cock hound, yes I am. Do I love older men fucking me and shoving their cocks down my throat, fuck yeh I do. And what's more, it seems to me anyway, there are more and more married men willing to fuck a good looking kid like me.
    I put it down to women having careers and working much harder. They don't have time or the energy to give their husbands what they need. So I provide the men with a tight willing asshole and more than enough energy to have multiple married men fucking me each and every week.

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    Reading your confession mirors me when I was your age. I am 48yo, happily married with an active sex life with my bi-married fuck buds. There are a lot more married be men than one might imagine and there is more action between them than in the gay community.
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    I enjoyed your confession. I sucked a few guys when I was younger but since I have been over 45, I have sucked more cock than I ever did in my life! There are several close friends of mine that I suck off every week and they do mine in return. Yes, they all say their wives have lost interest in sex so finding someone who is willing to suck them off, and in a few cases, let them fuck my ass is what they want. Keep putting out for the guys! I know I will as long as I'm able!
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    I've been with lots of older guys too. One guy wants to spank me all the time cause he says I'm naughty?
    He makes me that way, I don't get it but I let um?
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    Since I got into my teens old guy's want me to sleep with um like constantly?

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