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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    I'm in a crazy situation right now not knowing what to do. My wife & I are both 32, married 12 yrs. We dated in HS & she got pregnant with our first of two boys, 12 & 10. I had high sex drive in my teens to now but sex with my wife was in decline 5 yrs from daily to once every 2 wks. I love my kids & I love my wife but I'm not in love with her anymore. My best friend from middle & HS she knew. He moved away 8 yrs ago out of State, got married then divorced. He & I had fooled around some when we were 18. Mostly he liked to suck it off for me. I jerked his off. Best BJs I'd ever had. My wife, family & friends all assume I'm straight. I knew I'm bi but I did love her & wanted kids too so I figured staying with a female will work. I'd never done anything with another male than my best friend. I stayed in touch with him all the time phone, FB etc & then he needed to move back to the area so my wife invited him to stay with us as long as he wants. I was okay with it but she invited him first. She has to go out of Town a lot so she thought it would be great for me to have an old trusted friend around weekends or weeks she's not home. She figured after the stress of dealing with the kids alone, he & I would watch movies or do guy things few beers etc. She was sort of right.

    He showed up end of March for this 90 day thing until he buys a small house. It was great to see him. We played football in my backyard the first afternoon. I'd not done that in a long time. Two dude type football so not the real thing. My wife did leave Fri afternoon due back Tuesday. I had Kyle set up in the guest bedroom with everything he needed & after my sons got to bed at the 8pm bedtime hour, we stayed up watching old movies from the 80s & 90s. A lot of talking & catching up on some personal things & a few beers. It was midnight so we went upstairs & I told him how to work the shower in guest area per a problem with the knob & maybe we could play a fast monopoly board game after I had my shower too in my bedroom. I usually shower then go to bed nude but I put boxer briefs on & Tshirt per company. I came out of my shower same time he got out of his. He came out butt naked with his penis fully erect as we passed each other. I knew Kyle hadn't had sex with a woman in several weeks so I figured maybe he'd masturbated & it hadn't gone down yet so I joked, "looks like you needed to bust one in the shower". He informed me he hadn't & asked if I did. I hadn't. Remember back in the day he asked? He was talking about those BJs he gave me. I got him to come in my room then closed the door. My sons always have doors closed in their rooms late but I didn't want an accident of him being seen nude in the hall.

    There was no monopoly that night. I'd never seen him fully nude before. Only his penis out after he was sucking mine when I'd jack it some but he looked fine. Like me, he's stayed in great shape. I was so turned on by his butt looking nice & his penis looked bigger than I'd remembered. Mine was instantly hard then too so I pulled my underwear off. It wasn't long before he was going down on mine. It felt amazing. The difference is I wanted to suck his too so we switched to a 69. First time I'd ever held his butt. We held each other as we sucked. We were both close but all the hornier. We stopped a few minutes & he asked if I wanted to do something different. I did have lube in my room for my own masturbating times when no sex with wife. That night, I had my penis in his butt. We did that twice & we sucked each other off twice. We got off four times. We were up doing it until 4am. It was the best sex I'd ever had. The most intense orgasms I'd ever felt.

    We did it each night after but only got off once those nights. Some of me on top then when it was close, we'd get in a 69 & both get off. He always went to his room after so in the morning my kids saw him come out of there. When my wife got back, it wasn't as easy. Kyle & I tend to do it in the garage with just him sucking mine fast while he jerks off but once she leaves, we do it all so long as I have my boys in bed for the night. No one has a clue what Kyle & I are doing other than us. It's intense sex with him that I love & need. I love his penis & butt. I love his body. I love him. He loves me. I'm in my own home now with a wife, two kids & a man that I love. He's due to move out in a few weeks though. He will live close but I don't want him to move out. My wife is fine with him with us. She likes him but if she knew what was going on, she would divorce me & throw him out. She has no clue. I don't know what to do. I cannot lose my kids. My kids come first over anything but I do love Kyle.

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    Starting to sound like a chump bro. Keep having sex with your bro on the side, do not tell your wife at all, just probably fucking somebody on those trips either way. Have the best of both worlds why ruin it, once both your kids turn 18 do what you want.

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