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    Bi-Sexual Male / 27

    I am a bi guy who was single until 6 months ago. My confession is standing at the alter when my wife came into the church with jizz in my ass.

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    Hey...same theme, different detail. Two nights before I got married 15 years ago, my best man shared my bed rather then drive back to his apartment after a few drinks. He told me how pissed he was that I was getting married, and confessed he was gay and loved me. It all got quite emotional and I finished up fucking him. Then again in the morning. The again the night before the wedding and then again the morning of the wedding. No jizz in my ass when she walked up the aisle, but was in the ass a couple of feet away. That's where it stopped, but fuck it was fun.
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    I am a priest and have done countless weddings. In the course of my work I also, of course, run confessionals. I am gay but not easily able to practice my homosexuality. I can tell you that many men cross the line in the days and weeks leading to their wedding day, and beyond. I have masturbated listening to some such confessions. A lot actually.
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    # 2 ever tried to change the minds of the guys? Why let a gay or bi guy get married?
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    Me too! On my honeymoon my man panties were dripping with another man's come nightly.
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    She probably did too.

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