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    Straight Male / 39

    My confession is that I am cursed. Cursed with a giant dick. You may think that could never be a curse but let me tell you, sexually, there is nothing worse.

    When erect I am 9.5 inches long. That isn't as big of a problem as my 9 inch girth. Women have told me to stay away from them with it when they see it. Most won't even try to give it head because they can't get their mouths around it. As for those stories of don't worry, it stretches. A baby can come through there. Well, babies hurt like hell and I am probably right behind in intensity because for those willing to try, it always turns into, stop, it hurts, stop, take it out. It's only in an inch when that happens. My sexual encounters when they end may end in a two hand job.

    I guess I am still a virgin since I have never actually had penetrative sex. I've never been allowed to get it in just a bit to have cum go inside. I know I am destined to die someday in the same boat as today.

    When I was a kid, maybe around 8 my parents started taking me to doctors because they knew something had to be wrong since my penis was so big already for an 8 year old. They always felt something had to be making it swell up and not go down. Doctors always said nothing wrong and maybe it was just developing faster that other parts of me. Eventually everything would catch up and all would be normal. It wasn't. Even into adulthood I would see doctors including Mayo Clinic Urologist hoping to find something wrong that could be treated. Nothing wrong with it. I tried to convince doctors that there must be some way out there to make it smaller, even some type of reduction surgery. Nope.

    So, I live with this curse. I will die with this curse it seems. I have seen guys that have said they are just average and wish they had a big dick. I wish I had an average one. Life would sure be more satisfying sexually. Maybe even find a wife, have children, live happily ever after.

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    Then you woke up
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    Find a heafty black woman. They can take it
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    I have a 6.5" dick and have made many girls cum, several could cum 4-6 times an hour. Im happy...
    Keep your 9" dick, seems every guy on adult confessions has a 9" dick and every woman has fucked one? Really...
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    Yea Ive got an average dick size. That seems like overkill. Sorry, as much as some girls have brought me down. I dont think I would trade with you bro. Good luck, i hope you find someone who loves and wants you. You seem like that kind of guy.
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    My ex-wife knew a guy like you before we met. She said his cock was unbelievably huge. She dated him for a few months, partly because he was an attractive guy, and partly because she was in awe of his huge cock. She loved to fuck and suck, and she did with quite a few guys before we met. But she just couldn't resist him and his big cock. She said she DID fuck him, but it hurt like hell, and he had to go real slow... She also loved giving him head, but could barely get much more than the head in her mouth. And even then only for a short time without giving her jaws a break, before they broke. She mostly did a lot of licking all over the head and under his rim. And she said he liked it when she would alternate between that, and sliding her lips and tongue up and down his shaft like a harmonica. She did love it when he would cum, because she loved to shove him into her mouth as far as she could, and gulp down his load, or he would blow the whole load on her face. I guess if you could find a woman like her, you'd be good to go. There are women out there who can handle a big cock like yours. Good hunting.
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    I blew a gay dude with a huge cfat cock once. he had trouble even getting gay dudes to take his cock. Try poem
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    I can take it if you want to pound my Male ass. I've been told I look like a woman from behind and that I have a talented mouth.
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    I am gay and have a French boyfriend. He has a thick 9 inch cock and has been fucking me for over a year. The best way is for him to lie on his back and then for me to squat over him like taking a shit and use my body weight when I drop my anus onto him to help get him into me
    We use heaps of lube and once he is in me feeling him reach my gut and ejaculating in me is awesome.

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