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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I read these confessions every week some are very good some are shit, I am turned on by i****t confessions I have never had an i****tuous relationship I don't know how I would respond if the opportunity arose, I would describe myself as a dirty bitch, because I am reading bestiality confessions at first I thought they were gross reading about a dog licking a woman's c**t, the more I read the more turned on I am, I keep thinking why not it wouldn't do any harm a dog wouldn't tell anybody, its not something you could tell your best and closest friend or even say your interested, the only experience I have had when I was asleep and I awoke to find the dog with his head up my skirt I shooed him off, but now I want the experience but ime a bit scared I have read stories about girls being knotted and caught in that position, how embarrassing, is there a web link, I don't have a dog at the moment I occasionally look after a friends dog, I know I will be called names I don't mind, would anyone like to say anything about my post

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    I think you're very sexy & need to give it a try. My wife has been licked & really enjoyed it. Getting down on all fours to take his cock too as she sucked me off. it was such a turn on I came gallons down her throat. Cant wait to do it again
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    buy some dog in heat oil and spray around your vagina
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    Go for it get your legs open and let him do the rest
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    I hope you get the chance to experience it. It's very intense. The pounding like a jackhammer doesn't last a long time but if you ever get to couple with the knot the throbbing while he fills you with sperm you might become addicted. I know I was.
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    I have a lab dog for more than 10 yrs trained to fuck. My vet (f) provided me with tips to train him, first to be acquainted with smell of your pussy area, then teach him to lapping and licking your pussy coated with whipped cream or some spreads he likes. I almost got addicted to his licking and lapping that used to bring me multiple orgasms almost every time. I taught him to fuck by drawing his cock towards me seating on a sofa and thighs wide-spread - so that his cock is aligned to my pussy. My gosh! the first time as soon as his cock touched my pussy entrance, he became frantic to hump. That was the start. Mind that it is practically impossible to get knotted as there will be abundant flow of his cum into you and he will soon try to disengage, it will come out quite easily. Just do not panic!!
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    The lesson to be learned from this babes posting, if it can be believed, is that THIS is what occurs from liberalism i.e. crossbreeding. Eventually it gets the genepool so contaminated that it produces FREAKS like the one that posted this & all of the repliers as well.
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    6: Most women living alone love dogs as faithful company and you will see many mature women walking with male dogs, there is definitely a reason. There is no possibility of crossbreeding with dog for genetic reasons and there is question of genepool contamination!! But believe me, once a woman get the taste of dog-fuck she will be hooked with it for life - the shear pleasure of entering of the cock and the friction of his knot along the g-spot and then followed by the speed and power of thrusts are just mind-blowing. And then the warm ejaculates (warmer than man's) hitting the cervix in gushes with burning sensation for a few seconds is simply ecstatic and bound to bring voluptuous orgasms.
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    I was caught with our dog by my mother, I was mortified I ran to my room I knew my mum would follow, she talked to me about it asking a lot of details about when and how it started and how often, mum seemed more than interested, she said I think its best keep it between us its a female thing it happens there is no harm, if you feel the need you can take fend that's our dog to your room and its ok while ime at home,

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