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    Bi-Sexual Female / 36

    I read these confessions every week some are very good some are shit, I am turned on by i****t confessions I have never had an i****tuous relationship I don't know how I would respond if the opportunity arose, I would describe myself as a dirty bitch, because I am reading bestiality confessions at first I thought they were gross reading about a dog licking a woman's c**t, the more I read the more turned on I am, I keep thinking why not it wouldn't do any harm a dog wouldn't tell anybody, its not something you could tell your best and closest friend or even say your interested, the only experience I have had when I was asleep and I awoke to find the dog with his head up my skirt I shooed him off, but now I want the experience but ime a bit scared I have read stories about girls being knotted and caught in that position, how embarrassing, is there a web link, I don't have a dog at the moment I occasionally look after a friends dog, I know I will be called names I don't mind, would anyone like to say anything about my post

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    I think you're very sexy & need to give it a try. My wife has been licked & really enjoyed it. Getting down on all fours to take his cock too as she sucked me off. it was such a turn on I came gallons down her throat. Cant wait to do it again
    8 days ago
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    buy some dog in heat oil and spray around your vagina
    8 days ago
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    Go for it get your legs open and let him do the rest
    6 days ago
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    I hope you get the chance to experience it. It's very intense. The pounding like a jackhammer doesn't last a long time but if you ever get to couple with the knot the throbbing while he fills you with sperm you might become addicted. I know I was.
    3 days ago

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