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    Straight Female / 27

    I spent two years in an all girls boarding school when I 15-16 years old. Most of our teachers were also females that dubled as our dorm night care taker except for the director of the school. Girls used to talk about him as a pervert, because he would treat girls in a friendly tuchy maner and others as sweat father figure. I personally didn't see him that way till he walked into the girls dormitory one night just as we were all lined up for shower rapt in our towels. Ofcourse it was all under the excuse of being the director, personally supervising the dorms and getting a cheap look. I'm sure Miss Helen conspired with him by intentionally leaving me and another girl for last, when he walked in and caught us both naked standing in open stoll shower. He just stood there looking down at our pussies, getting sexual charge out of it and bust sat on the bench and kept looking. Miss Helen never showed up and couldn't do anything else but finish our shower in front of him, whiel he lusted over our nudity telling us we were shaping up nicely. Since that day tanking showers became scary because we knew he would show up when we least expected and Miss Helen would conveniently walk away and let it hapeen. The incident was so humiliating the only ones that knew about it were us, the director and Miss Helen that got spacial treatment.

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    I apent three years in a boarding school for girls and boys. I was 13 years old when I first entered and left when I turned 16. The first year I discovered the school would punished boys by paddling them with their pants and underwear down, while girls were paddled over their clothes. The embarrsing thing was that they did it in on perpous in front of a gym filled with boys and girls. I was really happy to be a girl, not having to go through such and embarrassing experience. I remember girls watching them getting their butts toasted with their penises hanging out in plain view obviously not looking ar their butts. I remember in the three years I was there, I had seen more penises at my age than most females as adults. I think parents were completly un aware of the school'sused of nudity as punishment. I sure none of those boys ever talked about it with their parents out of embarrassnent. I myself never spoke a word about it, but it was sure kinky and fun to watch.

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