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    Lesbian Female / 28

    Creepy is what it is. I moved into a new house with my lady and we got married in our back yard with all our friends. We didn't know anyone in the neighborhood and had not met our neighbor. I stood beside her, and I could not help but keep looking up at the window next door where he stood looking at us waving his finger at me and saying no to me. All through the ceremony and the reception which was outside on the deck he stood there and when I looked up at him he waved his finger at me telling me no. That night, my wedding night I was not able to get in the mood. We had a little sex and then just slept tight.

    My neighbor spots me and goes out the mailboxes when he sees me and tells me that I am a sinner. He tells me that for a 'pretty girl' I am wasting God's blessings. I also get mail from him about being a 'good wife' and God's will. He offers to introduce me to eligible bachelors who want a wife and children. He dislikes my wife intently, he says she is an aberration, what can I say I like dykes. He has offered to introduce me to his pastor so that I can be helped.

    I won't lie, I go to his house and talk. My wife works as a harbor pilot and she is out at odd hours and when I am alone I go over there to be lectured. The stupid thing is that I feel like my father is talking to me and it is comforting in the most bizarre way. I know that I am 'wasted' from their point of view, I should be bearing children now. If only, but I am what I am. I wasn't born that way, to be a suburban wife to a man and have children. I am 'off' and although he has gotten me to feel 'pangs' in my 'insides' about children I just can't work up a desire and my wife is definitely not one who wants little kids messing up her life.

    But I do sit by the window in my house around dinner time and watch the kids on the street playing ball and riding their bikes and the moms standing together talking. I can't go out there, I am not one of 'them' so I go next door to be where I know that I am liked and sit and have coffee and talk about why I am distorted and how it is that my life is the way it is and how my calling is to be a mother, he swears that is my calling, but for one stupid gene that got out of whack.

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    He's right about motherhood and such. As you grow older, and the clock inside you keeps ticking, the desire to have children will grow to an uncontrollable urge. If you don't do what is natural for almost every woman on the earth, you will grow old and miserable. But by then it will be too late. Kids CAN be a pain in the ass, but they can also be the joy of your life. And when you're old they'll be there to help, and to comfort you. I've known childless women, and they act fine on the outside, but if they open up to you, you find that they are very empty and sad inside.
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    Why do you interact with this person if all they do is give you shit?

    Surround yourself with positive people, live your own life. Theres more to life than popping out kids.
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    Chow down on plenty of anus and piss flaps , keep eating the lentils , wearing denim dungarees and letting your pussy hair grow a foot long. It is none of his Buisness, ps , tell us about your asshole.
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    Tell him you want to learn about sex with a man, but that you trust only him. Then, slowly strip naked in front of him and see what happens.
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    After five years of living in a Lesbian relationship I came to the conclusion that I wasn't really a lesbian, but rather I had been overwhelmed by the woman I lived with. She was older and dominant. Sure I just gave into a man from work. I hadn't had sex with a male since I was in high school. It hurt my feelings greatly, but in the end it was what I was. I ended up with a man, in my case a caring man who was looking for something special and he found me. Once I was with a man my baby fever went into overdrive, it had been suppressed and I quickly had two kids. I look back on those days when I was living the lesbian life and I look at myself now and I wonder what ever led me to believe that being a lesbian was right. I have issues with dominance, I admit to it. But I had a dominant lesbian lover. So now I have a dominant male in my life, I have learned to accept it. And I have learned to really enjoy and participate in sex, whereas with my lesbian lover I was passive and receiving only. I personally don't think you are a lesbian.
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    I think I may be a lesbian as all I think about is eating pussy and anus.

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