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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 33

    Growing up my cousin & I were close. One day we got a bit too close.

    So we were in our mid teens, one day my cousin mentioned he'd read a book on hypnosis & that all though he didn't believe it we should try it & have a laugh.

    He tried first & after some silly clockwork & monotone delivery he snapped his fingers. I dunno why maybe I felt sorry for him but I faked going into a trance. His face lit up with a slightly evil smirk.

    Bark! He demanded so I did




    A range of animal impersonations passed before he tried something else 'Let's see how much control I have'. Undress to your boxers, this was not a problem we'd swam on holiday it's just like boarding shorts. I stood for a minute or so while he considered his next step.

    'Drop them!' A wave of sickness in the pit of my stomach, I knew if gone too far to back out but I'd be naked in front of my cousin! I had no choice as my pink & grey stripy boxers fell to the floor I knew I'd lost.

    Shocked at the sight of his naked cousin he giggled, lifted my cock with one finger & bounced my balls. He told me to get dressed & snapped me out of the trance. I asked him if it worked trying to cover myself expecting a sly comment.

    No, he said, try it on me. The same occured, I still don't know if he faked it though, I knew I had to get my revenge. As his orange & white spotted boxers fell, his semi erect shaven cock sprung to attention. This is where my revenge began. I suggested he put his hands on his cock & wank. I stopped him before he came & snapped him out of it.

    For the next year or so we'd meet up, "hypnotise" each other & escalate the acts under hypnosis.

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    No one cares about this bullshit. You suckle the tits of gays and swallow the man sauce of bummers.
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    Hey #1 He's not doing any harm so get off your self-righteous wagon and STFU.

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