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    Straight Male / 32

    I had a really hot girlfriend for about 10 years from when I was 16 to 26
    We've been friends since we were kids and still are today
    We are the same age.

    She was incredibly hot, everybody wanted to fuck her. She had huge perfect tits and you could make her cum over and over again.

    I had cuckold fantasies and she definitely came more when we would fantasize together. She would tell me lots of messed up shit that she while we were together she did cheat on me a lot.
    It pissed me off but also turned me on especially if we were fucking and I still had loads in the tank.

    She left me for another guy but we really never stopped fucking for years.

    Once She told me that her male cousin was asking for sexy photos of her and it made her uncomfortable but it made me instantly horny.
    She sent him something but regretted it and you could tell it bothered her.
    She used to get off thinking about sucking off her uncle n shit like that but then all of a sudden you tell that stuff started to effect her self esteem.

    We stopped fucking and she broke up with her boyfriend. She's happily with another guy now and doesn't cheat on him, she's finally commited but I still have a bunch of really sexy topless photos of her and it turns me on thinking about sending her cousin those topless pics but I would get in so much shit if he ratted me out.
    If I did it under a guise shed know it was me because she knows I'm pretty weird. Lol

    I am also tempted to post the photos online for all you perverts to see.
    We have endless stories I could write on here and even more perverted fantasies of my own.

    Her friends dad used to hit on her and it creeped her out so she had to actually ask him to stop texting him.

    Again I feel like somehow sending him those photos of her in her prime.
    To at least help alleviate his fantasies about her

    The worse I get with drug abuse the more perverse my mind gets which is scary cause it's already extremely weird

    Won't find a girl like her again, lookswisd but also the cuckolding fantasy stuffand I'm starting to get bored just fantasizing and then having sex with girls that I can't really say much too.

    Plus I'm getting older and it really turned me on having one of the hottest girls you'll ever see in your life from 16 to 26 years old and knowing how many older men that knew her wanted her so bad.
    No way I'll get a super hot young girl that I could show off and share

    Maybe I'll have to have a daughter and show her off.

    I dont even want kids and I am even more afraid that if I did have one that I would be sexually abusive.
    Although I could act normal but then try get pictures of them sleeping and maybe touch them a bit but if I had it my way I would probably lick a 2yo pussy
    If I had a boy I would find women for him to fuck. Id let my 7 year old son fuck a girl my age.
    I'd let a 70 old man fuck my 12yo daughter
    I'd convince my 9 year old to suck a horse cock just to watch her little mouth get filled with a liter of animal jizz.
    I'd sell photos of my kids to random demented strangers

    I can honestly say I will likely never do that to aeithoit concent and also that would never touch my friends kids or anything
    I'm a good person I just have a sick mind and I am slightly concerned I might do something in my life that would be a huge mistake and embarrassement as well as potentially harmful to the psyche of a child

    Honestly my best bet is to hit the relationship lotto for a second time to find a weird hot girl that has similar fetishes or one that is already doing some extreme taboo.

    That was my first confession. There's a list of shit iwouldd love to say and do. I probably need to rewrite nthid one eventually but I want to cum and go to sleep.

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    Nice! Share more
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    #1 I will keep sharing until I run out!
    Also I don't know if it's even possibly safe to figure out a way to exchange photos.

    I really want to show someones my ex. Shes probably 23-25 in these photos if someone would like to see and knows how I'll be checking comments
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    Maybe pop down to the local store and buy a packet of cookies and shove the whole lot up your fat asshole

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