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    Straight Male / 32

    I fantasize about finding a super hot girl between 18 and 25 who secretly has a dirty perverted mind like my own but completely unexplored in real life.

    Would be so hot to find a girl who wants to tease and fuck her dad, uncle, brother, grandpa, teacher, doctor or whatever but all have a perfectly normal relationships with her.
    She'd get hit on by family friends frequently because she's sexy and a slut but she's never crossed that line yet.

    Similar fantasy as above, but she's just your normal horny hot young chick in her early 20s, no known kinks. Then after getting to know her dad who, through discussing her when he's drunk and she's not around I eventually learn he finds her incredibly attractive; so we come up with ideas and plans on how he can see a little bit more and maybe get a taste of his true desires with his daughter.

    I would love to be in a relationship with a girl that has really dark desires she's not comfortable about expressing only slowly revealing more and more over time as we learn more and more about our twisted fantasies hiding in shadows of our thoughts then help eachother accept and eventually fulfill

    Plans like;
    me showing him hot photos of her that she's sent me or I take of her myself.
    Pulling her tits out of her shirt when she's passed out drunk so he can see and maybe even touch or lick them if she's out cold.
    To even convincing her to let me blindfold her and getting strangers to fuck her but secretly I let her dad fuck her anyway he wants until he cums inside his daughter for the first time and her having no idea she just fucked her dad.
    The next day he makes us pancakes and she's none-the-wiser. She thinks her dad has no idea what crazy shit she got up to last night but he actually was that crazy shit last night.
    I would eat her tricked and abused pussy for as long I could
    Or even getting her drunk and horny

    enough for her to straight show her

    daddy the beautiful young titties he

    helped create.

    Be so sexy finding out your girlfriend used to fuck her brother as curious children but almost just deleted those memories stored deep at back of her mind so much that they both pretty much forgot but then now getting high on hard drugs and restimulated she now kind of wants to fuck a kid as as her brother was when he took her.

    Or that she got m****ted by her uncle for years and still nobody knows but them
    Learning she was inappropriately touched as child by a teacher that
    still teaches at the same school many
    years later then going behind her
    back to him through a fake account on
    Facebook and asking him about it and
    sending the teacher that touched her
    recent photos of her exposing

    Then her becoming a hot young teacher and showing teenaged boys her hot tits, letting them fuck her wet pussy with their small rock hard cpenises and filling her with massive teenaged sized loads
    I would totally eat that creampie

    Or even a traumatic gangr**e by some thugs in highschool that she has only just now kind of accepted and even gets turned on by

    I would love showing off a beautiful girl to a disgusting old pervert.


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