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    Straight Male / 42

    A couple of years ago my wife and I separated for us to get our shit together knowing we'll get together someday. Living next door was an elderly senior widow. Her name was Helen. I help her out with her yard maintenance. Since I was alone I started to spend more time with her and chat a bit. Considering the age she is, she has a fit body. A couple of months went by of me being alone and going out to fast food joints, that I asked Helen if she was willing to dine with me at a sit down restaurant. "It would be nice." she said.

    She had a dressy outfit on and light make up on her face. We exchanged stories of our life as we was growing up. We enjoyed our dinner time. Helen started to invite me over for some home cooked dinners. I asked if she wanted to go out to the movie theatre. "That would be nice." she said. It became a regular thing going out to the theatre. Then one day she asked me if I dance. I told her I use to dance a lot with Bonnie, my wife, before we got married.

    That weekend we went to the dance hall. She really got dolled up for the evening. We had a great time there. I drove into my driveway and walked her home. At her door she gave me a slight hug and a peck on the cheek. We started doing things together socially. Her hugs gotten firmer and longer. Her kisses started landing on my lips. I started to get sexually aroused for Helen. Maybe because I haven't gotten laid for awhile. We went dancing for night out on the town. While slow dancing I had an urge to hold her close and kiss her on the neck. She didn't seem to mind. When I dropped her off at her door her hug was so intense that I think she felt my hard on in my pants. I went home and masturbated thinking of her breasts which feels firm when pressed against me.

    Then one evening while eating with Helen at her place. She noticed me undressing her with my eyes. She grabbed my hand and led me into the bedroom. There we passionately hug and ran our hands over each other without saying a word. We undressed each other. Helen had a youthful looking body. We laid on the bed touching each other's naked body and tightly hugging each other. I started kissing and sucking her firm breasts. I wanted to go down on her but didn't know if she wanted that. Then she started to push me downwards. I got the hint. Her pussy even looked youthful. Tasting it was even better. It made my dick throb. While I was pleasing her she ran her fingers thru my hair. She pulled me up, laying on our sides we ran our hand up and down the naked body. She turned around to the 69 position giving me her pussy to play with while she played and kissed my dick. We was in this position for some time. We reposition ourselves. I was laying on my back and she guided her vagina onto my cock. Helen started to wiggle on my manhood. I could feel he muscles clamp on to it. I reached up and grasped her firm breasts, squeezing them hard when I orgasmed. We feel asleep with my arm over her and hand on her breast. She pushed her rear end up against my manhood.

    We treated each other as married partners but knew it wouldn't last. A year later my wife and I got together. Helen and I will always remember the love we have for each other. I guess the attraction wasn't her body, but thought of her as a mother figure.

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