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    Straight Male / 32

    Let me know what you think

    So I'm starting to feel a little hopeless in finding a hot chick to fuck that's has the similar fucked up fantasies as I do

    Even if they're really hot I still have trouble getting off just having sex

    The only kinks I seem to be able to come across is rougher sex and some bdsm
    I find that boring to be perfectly honest but I may have found a solution tho it will take careful planning and patience

    I am going find younger hot girls to fuck and in going to try film it or at least get some pretty good pics of their tits,freshly fucked puss,ass and mouth etc

    Pics that would turn on anyone that is forbidden to see her that way.

    Then I would create a fake Facebook page and try to find a person she's friends with
    Like a cousin, brother, dad, grandpa, or the most likely the creepy guys that like too many photos of theirs.

    Someone who would absolutely love to see erotic pictures of her without her knowing.

    It would take some work but imagine how much exciting for me it would be to have sex with her knowing that I could be showing her uncle who has wanted to fuck her for years and jerks off to the idea but knows he can't really fuck his brothers daughter pictures of her freshly fucked pussy and cum glazed lips

    Imagine some guy offering you a chance to watch your niece all tied up get her face fucked

    Then that can make rough sex a little more interesting.

    Gotta see if I can find some more forums and communities where we can exchange ideas and even trade images

    I have a bunch of my really hot and young at the time highschool sweetheart. We haven't fucked in like 2 years but we're still friends. I don't want to hurt her by sending her photos to the wrong person and ruin 25 years of friendship.

    But I would trade them for equal sexiness.. maybe a pic of someones hot little sister from the brother or brothers friend. Maybe even just a topless pic of your girlfriend when she was 20 who is now 34

    Who knows maybe ill even meet a girl on their that wants to fuck her dad but hasn't even tried.

    I did cuck her so she would somewhat understand.

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    I think what you are trying to say is that you want to be a human toilet.
    I suspect you want to lay under a stool with a hole cut in it.
    You want a big fat man to sit on and shit directly into your mouth.
    A big long stinking turd straight into you chubby chops
    You can swallow it down while wanking his cock.
    That is your real desire and you know it.
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    Wow a confession troll. Impressive

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    #2 wow a keyboard warrior cock sucking turd.

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