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    I've been married ten years. My wife has never really talked about her sex life before we met. I know she dated a few guys so I had no illusions that she was virginal, not at all. I also didn't and don't care. I had my share of premarital sex this was and is of no concern. So just recently while hanging with a few couples we are friends with, a conversation about sexual exploits in college came up. I had no good stories to tell. My wife though said that a few years out of college she met two guys in a bar that were friends, they were both flirting with her. She said she regretted not having done any sexual experimenting in college and when this opportunity came up she went for it thinking they wanted a threesome. She flirted back and made it clear she was up for it.

    She went back to one of their apartments where they chickened out of the threesome. She said they turned out to be "cockaphobic" so she ended up having sex with one by herself first, finished up and then had sex with the other. They watched each other have sex with her. Said the first guy was wild, lots of oral and different positions then he pulled out and came in her mouth after about 40 minutes or so. The second guy just stuck it in and finished in less than five minutes also pulling out and cumming in her mouth. Most of this she told me after. She kept the details from our friends. This was her one big sexual adventure. She asked me what I thought. I said I was surprised but turned on by how bold and fun she was. She was happy to know I didn't think anything bad about it or her. Nope, I thought it was a great story. In fact, knowing she'd stepped out of her usual self at least once was something I wish I knew earlier. This gives me hope of seeing her become a whole lot more sexual with me, something I've wanted for a long time.

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    I would be turned on and curious. Seems odd that she would just suddenly jump from basic good girl, to going home with two guys with the expectation of a threesome,...just like that. There might be more hot stories if you probe a little more. She needs to be sure you won't freak out though. My wife was mum for a while about her past, but over time, she came to trust me, and little by little, she opened up. She slowly tested the waters by letting out minute details. She eventually told me that she was basically a cock sucking slut for more than 30 different guys. Some one night stands, others were her regular sex partners. Some were single, some were married. She just loved/loves to suck cock. Like you, I'm cool with it. After all, its to my benefit.
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    Yes I agree with #1. I highly suspect she has had plenty of cock and filthy fun before meeting you.
    Anal , bdsm, 3 soms 4 some Dp the lot. I expect she has ridden a ginormous black cock while having another in her anus and mouth at the same time .
    Now she is bored to death with your sex life. Be careful my friend stay vigilant, she may cheat.
    Have a good day sir.
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    Real shame this site has been infected by someone with fetish of getting off on putting people down for theirs confessions.
    Fantasy confession no matter how dark or twisted true or not true is supposed to be releasing not to be judged and put down.

    real blow to the entire community

    I guess banning a user can't happen cause that's what makes this site better

    Don't know why we lack such respect and compassion toward to real people just because it doesn't feel like you're doing that a person
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    Good luck making her a hotwife!

    Find another guy for an MFM threesome ASAP!
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    #3. Is it not weird that you would like to see someone banned for having an opinion but not people who write about children, r ape and Christ knows what other twisted shit that most people on here do not want to read. Take your twisted shit somewhere else and crawl back under the rock you came from you whining moron.

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