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    Straight Male / 21

    So I fucked a 28 year old girl who is about to get married next month.

    She had been my foreign language teacher from an academy, although later we became like friends. She would share a lot of her daily stories with me, which sometimes exposed her kinky sides as well. But we were cool with it.

    The other day she texted me to meet her at her place. But I had other works to do, so I could not meet her. This morning I called her and she said she was free, so we met at a restaurant. There she opened up that, she wanted to try 'it' with me before it 'became prohibited' for her (meaning after her marriage. She got engaged a couple of months earlier.

    I must say, she is hot. C cups, Brunette hairs, long legs and... a perfect ass (I am an ass guy). So in reply, I could only nod and pay the bill for our coffees as fast as I could. And an hour later, I fucked her at her place.

    This was not the first time for either of us, but for me, it was a first time fucking someone who is older than me. Can't say I didn't love it!

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    Absolute utter bullshit.
    Next !!

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