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    Bi-Sexual Male / 32

    Years ago I met a guy for sex I had put word out at a local book store that I wanted to meet a guy and even though it took a while it finally payed off. I think getting up the courage to ask the store owner to help with this was the hardest part but the excitement of putting myself out there really felt good. This guy I did meet was totally a dominant gay man in his late twenties he was tall and thin but muscle bound and in bed demanding complete submission. He also had a very large cock not just long but thick with a thicker mushroom head he could cum multiple times without taking a break and stamina that was amazing. I found out that I am totally submissive when in bed with a man James taught me unwittingly that when I am told what to do and treated as if I'm there for his pleasure and not necessarily mine I get amazingly excited to the point of gasping out loud by even a simple touch of hand or kissing. James loves fucking he is turend on by for play but not stuck on for play for long at all. James felt me up the first time we met for sex then pulled his clothes off then physically took me by the hand to his cock telling me to suck him he had me sucking while he stripped me naked and then he put panties on me his raging boner in my mouth or hand the whole time. Okay it was strange that James put panties on me but pleasingly excited me as well that's when I discovered how shockingly turned on I get with cock in my mouth and panties on my butt. I was melting in very hot way When I realized that when I suck cock my nipples get extremely hard and sensitive so why not wear panties for my man if he wishes. James wasted no time after that he spread my legs apart as I lay on my back begging him to go slow and pushed his enormous pussy maker up inside of me. I'm not going to lie it hurt but he was on top of me and there was really no stopping him he was in charge as he invaded my tight little ass hole struggling to fit it in and keep it in me he let his full body weight relax on me pinning me down. I was struggling to take him up inside of me I felt so full and painfully stretched as if at any moment his massive dick would rip me apart the moment was so personal and emotional his strong grip on me his tongue in my ear and rushing hot breath on my neck my moans of uncertainty and then suddenly I relaxed the fight was leaving me and pleasure began to slowly consume me from the inside out. James knew he was making progress as his cock moved into my ass hole deeper and deeper causing my eyes to roll and my mouth to open with pleasure I was his now and he knew it I was giving in and he was taking it all. James fucked me in every possible position that day and I loved him calling out my name each time he came filling my ass until cum squeezed out of my tightness around his hard throbbing cock taking whatever manhood I had left away from me. I didn't know that it was possible to cum with a limp dick but that day was full of surprises for me when James took me from behind he reached around using his own cum as lube that was dropping of my balls he began rubbing my limp totally aroused dick and the feeling of his cock moving inside me while he smashed my limp dick digging it into my own balls slipping and gliding between my legs was pushing me to aroused insanity plus he was urging me verbally to cum telling me he loved turning me into a hot sluty pussy demanding that I would call out his name over and over and that's when it happened as he fucked and rubbed I became a trembling wreck cunsumed by him I fell forward onto the bed and he continued with me picking up the pace I became his slut calling out his name cum gushed out of me I was cumming so hard I almost passed out and James made me cum until it hurt. Yes that's the way James fucked me every time and it changes a person forever. I have not seem James in years but every now and then I still seek out a partner for gay sex.

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