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    Straight Female / 33

    My name is Petra and I live in Germany. I am now 36 and I would say that I am healthy and enjoy sex, with men mostly buy I have had very enjoyable sex with other women. I am not typical German, memy mother is French so I am slight and small.

    I want to tell you about my first experiences with sex. I was a girl and lived with my mother, my father worked as a sailor and would be gone for months at a time. My mother was afternoon manager of a small shop in town. After school I would go to the shop and help. Next door to the shop was Dr. P office, he was an optician and had a small store that sold eye glasses. When I came and went he was always out front and he said hello to me. One day he gave me a small package and said it was for me.

    I took the package into my mother's shop and opened it and it contained three sets of very nice underwear for girls. My mother was very upset and she went to talk to Dr. P but I still kept the package and wore the underwear although it was a bit small. I wore the underwear almost every day, I would wash the underwear myself because my mother would not give me permission to wear it. Some days later, weeks actually Dr. P asked me how I was and if I wanted something special. He gave me a large feather. He whispered to me that if I took the feather after bed and let it touch me between my legs I would like it. He asked if I liked my gift from the other day and I said yes. He then got this little book and gave it to me and told me not to show my mother. It had pictures of the feather touching breasts, between legs, and in between the buttocks. He told me to try it and let him know if I liked it.

    That is how I started to masturbate, with the feather. I would lay at night in my bed without my underwear and tickle my girl sex and my nipples. I would get very excited until I would stick my finger into myself to try and get relief. Dr. P asked me how I liked my feather and told me he had more feathers if I wanted to see. In his shop, behind the counter was a small room where he slept. He took a feather and ran it around my face and over my lips and down my neck and he had me open my shirt and he tickled my breasts. He asked me stand in front of him and he lifted my dress and tickled me between my legs, up and down my thighs, and up and over my underwear. I felt like I was going to piss.

    With his hands he turned me around and had me bend over and lean on the small table and he pushed my dress up and pulled my underwear down and he put the feather up between my legs tickling my girl sex and then up between my buttocks tickling my anus. I was nervous and sweating so hard between my legs and I felt him get behind me and he pushed his penis deep into me. All I could say were strange sounds while he held my hips and pushed and pushed his penis into me, he told me to be a good girl and stand still and he wanted me to know if I enjoyed the feather he was using. In not time he jerked and all his milk went into me.

    Many weeks later my mother noticed that I wasn't well and I was taken to a medical doctor who told us I was pregnant. My mother knew immediately who had been the man to have sex with me. She was very angry and told me that now I had no choice but to be Dr. P's mistress. She went to talk to him and told him he had to be responsible for my keep and the child. He agreed, but I had to live with him so I moved into his small room behind his shop. Dr. P was very nice to me and I enjoyed being with him and he played with me, he had many feathers and other toys, ice cubes for my nipples, small clasps to pinch my nipples and my clitoris, he loved to have sex with me after playing with me and I loved having sex with him. I had a daughter and named her Lili.

    Dr. P was very imaginative, and I learned how to make him happy. He was very big, although at that time I did not know any other man and I would accommodate him in me and at times I would take his penis and pretend it was very big ice cream cone and lick him and suck him which he liked. I lived with Dr. P for the next ten years until his health made it impossible. When he passed he left me his shop and he had some money and the sale of shop made sure that I would not need anything. After his passing I had a series of lovers, including one woman. I love sex, I love using feathers and clips and ice cubes, having a man tickle me, and I love a man who goes into me when I am bent over, just like Dr. P did that day so many years ago.

    I have taught my daughter that sex is wonderful, now that she is older and she can feel that pleasure I have given her that very first feather that Dr. P gave me and she has learned to enjoy herself with it. One day she will enjoy being a boy, I want her to be ready. She is a wonderful girl, and she enjoys her body. I enjoy my body now, but at the time Dr. P I gave me that first gift I was mostly ashamed, until he awoke in me a desire for pleasure which I have never lost.

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