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    Gay Male / 29

    During the days after I finished my secondary education I worked as a housekeeper in a small hotel and boarding house. There were several older couples that lived there and for extra money I did chores or favors for them. One man who had been in the army asked me to help him one afternoon and he showed me some pictures of his days when he was young. The pictures were black and white and he was nude, and he had erections. He asked me if I liked them and he told me that he thought maybe I would like to have an erection.

    He sucked my cock, I sucked his cock, he fucked me. He liked kissing me and I liked it too. I never imagined how much I would like sucking his cock or having him fuck me. I got in trouble because I would spend too much time with him and he told me to quit the job and just come see him when I had time. He was my first lover and it lasted several years. I am a bookkeeper now and work for a small business that wholesales jewelry. The owner of the store is an older Jewish man and he fucks me. He has a large cock, and sometimes he gets very hard. When is hard like that I make sure to take advantage of it and I let him fuck me until he ejaculates his cum in me.

    I know that I am homosexual but I don't behave that way and I have only had two lovers. I love to kiss and jerk him off or let him jerk me off, but most of all I love to let him fuck me. Just like my first lover the army man, its when I am being fucked that I really feel that I am homosexual.

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    I e been fucked hundreds of times, I still consider myself straight. For me itâs the male bonding
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    1- I've been bottoming with lots of guys around my age, 15. Lately I have been trying it with a few men and have a steady girl friend but really like how it feels with them?

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