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    Straight Male / 42

    Getting what you wanted all along.

    I know that she will soon be doing what she has been craving all along. I have been making love to her body for an hour and a half and she has had multiple orgasisms. She trembles after each one and is getting weaker. She tells me to stop because her body is one big nerve and she can't take it anymore.
    Her command is for me to lay back, so I position myself on my back, a pillow behind my head so I can watch her. She moves her body between my spread legs and she is on her knees. As she bends down, her elbows are by my hips. One hand is on my stomach and the other one is on the bed . Slowly she lowers her open mouth and takes in my cock.

    Closing her warm wet mouth she makes me feel like I am enclosed in a blanket totally warm and secure. It is an incredible feeling and I am totally focused on what she is doing. She slides her mouth up to the tip and back down again gently sucking the whole time. My hands are pushing back her hair so I can watch my cock slide in and out of her mouth and it makes me excited.
    I gently thrust my hips to the rhythm of her sucking and I feel like I am fucking her head while I hold it in my hands. Her puppy dog eyes looks at me with pleasure after a few moments and she knows
    she is driving me crazy. She slides her tongue back and forth
    across the underside of the head of my cock which drives me mad. Her rhythm never stops, she loves sucking my cock, and will do it any time I want. She is very good at it and after 20 minutes I can start to feel my body getting closer to orgasm and my breathing gets a little faster and deeper. She can feel the tension building within me by her hand that's on my stomach. I hold back as long as I can until I finally relent and have to give in.
    Her mouth never stops sucking as I unload my cum into it. The top of my head feels like it will come off as she continues her relentless sucking. I am breathing heavy now when she stops and in one quick motion she slurps up the rest of my cum, swallows and goes right back to sucking. A small bead of cum is on the corner of her wet mouth and she looks at me with those eyes and just licks it off, which is a real turn on. Cleaning up the rest of my cum with her tongue and lips she gives my cock a little kiss. Then she lays next to me, kisses me deeply and puts her head on my shoulder and we fall into a deep sleep.

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    Man! I love a woman who sucks cock like that. The seductive looks, the way she works it with her mouth, and then swallows every drop and keeps sucking until you're spent. And licking up any left over cum...WOW! And then the passionate kiss afterward. A woman like that is worth her weight in Gold.

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