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    Bi-Sexual Male / 36

    Right now I'm sat on my hotel's balcony listening to my wife being fucked by two younger guys. They're both in their late teens and both are right now fucking her pussy and arse.
    It's an arrangement we've had for the past three years we're away on holiday. Basically either of us can fuck or be fucked by whomever takes our fancy. We're both in great shape and my wife would be considered as very good looking.
    We met the boys by the pool earlier this morning and after only an hour or so, I propositioned them both for my wife. At first they thought I was joking, until I had her suck on one of their cocks by the side of the hotel. Once they'd returned from the town with some condoms, I invited them up.
    They all got naked and for some time I watched as they all licked sucked and fucked. They're fucking her for a second time right now, and once they've cum over her pussy and arsehole, I'll go in and tongue my wife clean.
    Later on its my turn with an older man, someone I met cruising down by the beach yesterday. I sucked the Swedish guy off yesterday, but a little later he's meeting us so we can eat together, then my wife can watch him fuck me.
    I cannot wait. They've just cum. Time to go in and do my duty.... Yum.

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    I too can't get enough of eating another mans cum (or my own) from inside my wifes pussy, or outside her pussy, ass, tits, belly and face. Love it and she gets off like crazy when I'm eating another mans cum from her.
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    It is the ultimate power trip for a woman to watch her Husband fucked. I know because I've seen it in their eyes when I'm fucking their Husbands.

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