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    Bi-Sexual Male / 19

    This is how came to be a bi-sexual guy.

    My brother’s best friend (Red) and I were left at home alone, and I swear there was nothing between us; we didn’t fancy each other because we weren’t on good terms back then. We sat awkwardly on my bed in complete silence until he began talking and we had a great conversation about random things going on in our lives, including our love life.

    I didn’t realise it, but I was actually ranting on and on about how my girlfriend back then didn’t give me a good blowjob. Next thing I ever noticed was he was masturbating. Couldn’t help myself and I got a sneak peek of his penis. Told him he had a nice piece down there but our interaction became sexual when he asked me to show him my balls.

    I reluctantly agreed, got up from the bed and pulled my pants right down. Red then kneeled down and gave me a handjob, and I didn’t even ask! But it was alright since I was enjoying it. Then we had to stop as my brother came back home; he never found out.

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