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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 37


    My first sexual experience happened when I was 12, or close. I was walking home from school and two older guys I knew of, but didnt know personally started walking with me.

    They acted friendly, and it made me feel kinda cool hamging out with them. We walked to the park and through a path in the woods next to the park.

    We got to a spot out there and the conversation turned to sex. I had nothing to contribute. I started getting nervous. I felt like it was now weird they were hamging out with me.

    Eventually they had their cocks out and was pressuring me into the same thing. I pulled my pants down, but they stayed above my knees. They were all over me, rubbing my ass, and even tried kissing me.

    They were also rock hard. I noticed how nice and big their dicks were. It made mine hard.

    One bent me over and stuck his dick between my legs. Not near my ass, but lower. He humped me, I could feel his dick rubbing my balls as he pumped.

    After a minute or two, he came. He spread his cumm all over the inside of my legs. This prepared the next one. He did the same. He lasted a little longer, and was also a little bigger.

    After they were done, my legs were covered in cum. The first one grabbed my dick and started jerking me off. It was about 30 seconds till I put a loud on the ground.

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