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    Straight Male / 22

    This happened two years ago. My mom and dad was divorced. My dad was living out of state with a German woman and her 18 year old daughter. My mom and dad were swingers and I sometimes wonder if dad still was. Well anyway I decided to bond with dad since mom met this lazy ass guy. I called dad and asked if I could live with him. "Sure, we have a three bedroom house and I think you'll get along with Greta and her daughter, Kath, who happens to be close to your age, son."

    I moved out and was greeted with open arms. Greta having a German accent gave me a hug. She was a stocky buxom woman. Her daughter Kath was hot! Long blonde hair, nice shaped legs, and nice sized boobs. Dad was showing me the area in his car. I finally got the nerve to ask him. "Do you swing with Greta?" "Yes I do. Does that bother you son?" he asked. I told him it didn't and reminded him that I grew up around him swinging with mom.

    It took me awhile to get use to seeing Greta and her daughter dressed skimpy in the kitchen at morning time. But then again my mother did also. I always tried to get my mother's attention when I was in my teens. Letting my fly open on my boxers. "Put that thing away!" she always said to me. I started to masturbate in my bedroom thinking of Kath. I started to be skimpy dressed also in the morning. Then one morning Greta notice me and smiled. "Lovely schlong you have David". I was embarrassed. Then my dad walked in. She told my dad that I had a nice schlong. I really was embarrassed then. "His mother told me he teased her with it and it bother her." my dad told Greta. In her German accent, she told my dad it didn't bother her. "David no need to be ashamed of it, we're family here. Your dad sometimes sees Kath."

    Then one Sunday afternoon dad pulled out a boardgame. "Family day!" he said. I didn't know it was an adult boad game. The cards would say take a piece or clothing off or kiss someone or touch someone, etc., etc., Kath pulled out a card saying 'go down ont the person across from you'. That happeen to be my dad. I happened to get a card that read 'feel the person across from you'. I had to feel Greta' buxom breats. Greta said, "Let's stop playing this and go into the bedroom and truely have a wonderful afternoon. I had to service Greta first. Dad and Kath watched. Kath touched and kissed her mom's full size breasts. Then dad watched Kath and Greta enjoy sucking on my dick. Then finally dad was pumping Greta and I wss pumping Kath while we watched each other.

    Now two years later Kath and I gotten married. We're into the swining lifestyle also. I bang my mother-in-law now and then Kath sucks off her fathe-in-law. When Kath is out of town for update training, Greta sleeps with me and holds my schlong.

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    Good for Greta.

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