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    Straight Male / 34

    I recently read about a teacher who had been left alone with a teenage pupil. He tried to r**e her, and eventually settled for forcing her to give him a blow-job. Rather than swallow, she got herself tidied up, walked down the corridor to the main office, gestured to to the secretary to give her a glass, and spat his semen into it so that she would have evidence when she reported it. I know I shouldn’t, but I get hard when I imagine her hurrying along that corridor with a huge load of warm, slimy jizz in her mouth. And can you imagine the weird game of charades in the secretary’s office? LOL!

    I know it shouldn’t turn me on, but putting that aside, deep down I’m actually impressed. Can you just imagine her horror? Being forced to her knees, knowing full well what’s about to happen.... he presses the wet head of his hard-on against her lips…and, to her disgust, she has to open her mouth, purse her lips tightly round that shaft…and slide her head right down till her nose is buried in his pubes. He puts his hands behind her head and starts thrusting…in and out, in and out, in and out...and she just has to keep her lips tightly gripping that hard shaft, with her tongue pressing against its underside.

    Jesus! Just imagining what must have been going on in her head during however many minutes this sex act took almost has me cumming in my pants! Then he starts to ejaculate and the first hot blast of jizz hits her in the back of her throat, then another, then another…it starts to pool in her mouth and she has to taste his hot slime as it runs over her tongue, and all the time he’s still spurting more and more into her. And she STILL has the spunk (no pun intended) as he withdraws to keep her lips firmly shut to avoid spilling what he’s just pumped into her. She then has to take a few minutes to get dressed and make sure she was fit to be seen in public, and then walk the length of the school past God knows how many people, and then try to mime to the secretary what she needed..and all the time her mouth is still full of his semen!

    And, in the end, it got a conviction. God, this woman was made of strong stuff - I’d love to meet her!

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    The same twisted piece of shit wrote the sick twisted story above
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    #1 I am the author of the other story being referred to here, and this one has nothing to do with me.
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    I had been married about 4 months to my beautiful wife, Although I would constantly eat her out and she loved it but would never give me a blow job. One Sunday afternoon we were riding through the country observing the beautiful scenery. I suppose she became a little sexual excited being alone with her sexy (ha ha) husband, she began playing with me until I got a rock hard. She immediately, after noticing this, unzipped my pants, removed my hard cock and continued playing with it. She laid her head on my stomach so, I assumed, if we met or was passed by another car they couldn't see what she was doing. I immediately placed my hand on the back of her hear and pushed it down so my hard dick was forced into her mouth. She hesitated a short while with my hand still on her head and then I felt her tongue playing around on my dick and then she started moving her head up and down. I nearly lost my mind. She kept it up until I shot my load into her warm mouth. She immediately removed her lips, got a Kleenex, caught the balance of my cum. spit the little bit in her mouth into the Kleenex and cleaned up the mess. She looked me in the eyes and said, "If I'd known it taste that good I'd been doing it all along." And that started a long and blessed marriage of sucking each other, 69ing, and end up fucking like 2 wild animals. Imagine,LOL!
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    OMG! #3. I can't believe this. The exact same thing happened to me and currently we two cannot get enough 69ing. Anyone reading this, male or female, if you haven't tried this I'll guarantee you that if you try it you'll love it. If not, give me a reply so we can meet and I'll teach you and I'll let my wife teach your husband. Okay?

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