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    Straight Male / 39

    Years ago, when I was 17, I was babysitting my 15 year old sister as our parents were at a party. While watching TV, we heard a noise - it turned out to be a couple of burglars. They bound and gagged us and tied us to chairs. After ransacking the place, they came back and dragged me in my chair over in front of the sofa. I had no idea what was coming. Then they untied my sister and brought her over.

    Realising what was coming, my sister started screaming into her gag as they quickly undressed her and threw her on the couch. One got on top of her and quickly opened his pants. I can still see the look of horror on her face as he penetrated her. He frantically r**ed her, then his partner did likewise. I just stared in shock, unable to believe it. I thought they were going to break the couch. After they'd both come, they calmed down. When they started r****g her for the second time, they just took their time.

    And, watching the bare backside thrusting between my sister's legs, listening to her sobbing, and seeing the hopeless expression on her face as she was r**ed at a nice leisurely pace, I started to get hard. By the time he'd come and his partner was having his second go, I was on the edge...and I ejaculated into my pants. I cried out loud enough for all of them to hear, and my sister's eyes were on me in a shot. The look of betrayal on her face when she saw me gasping breathlessly as I came and then looked down at the spreading wet spot on the front of my shorts just made me want to curl up and die.

    She's never forgiven me, even after 20 years. It's bad enough that I couldn't protect her, but I can't offer any defence for coming as she suffered the agony of losing her virginity to r**e. She tolerates me for the sake of our parents but, when they're gone, I know I'll never see her again.

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    You are a sick piece of twisted shit.
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    #1 I know. After the initial shock, I just couldn't help myself getting turned on by what I was watching. I genuinely wished myself dead as I made eye contact with her - me with the cum seeping through my shorts and her still in the process of being r**ed.
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    #1 And I have no idea about who wrote any other story
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    It's not your fault that you came. You were 17y/o, hormones are wild, and you were forced to witness a shocking event, that however repulsive, could be also arousing. You can't blame yourself for becoming aroused or ejaculating. I can understand the shame and self-loathing, but you were also a victim of a terrifying event, and seeing that likely overwhelmed and consumed you, in that moment.

    She shouldn't hold that against you. It's not as though you participated, had any control over the what was happening, or could have done anything to stop it. You were witness to a terrible and traumatic event, it's simply unfortunate that your brain processed it and reacted as it did.

    I doubt she would ever understand. Did she ever see a psychologist? People react in all manner of ways to trauma, and very often we have little control over those actions, especially when we are young.

    You are not sick. Had you r**ed your sister, that statement would be justified, but you were scared, and fear releases a deluge of neurochemicals, and you had no control over that.

    Have you ever been witness to an accident, or watched one recorded? It's nearly impossible to turn away, and had you turned your head and closed your eyes, would that have been any better? That may have also been considered a betrayal.

    It's a tough situation. I empathize with you, and wish you and your sister had not been subject to such a thing. If nothing else, forgive yourself, you gain nothing by carrying that guilt forever.

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    Well, I should not be commenting on this but I can forgive myself later. I am not a teenager but not far from it. I am 25 and have a 23 year old sister. She is a beauty but married now. I love her as a sister but no further. If I was tied up in the presence of her being r**ed I believe I'd be putting my life in jeopardy by attempting to break loose from the bondage and help her. No way in hell do I think I could get a hard dick and ejaculate while watching my sister getting r**ed. I do hope and pray that you, as her brother, obtained enough evidence in your mind so you could report this to the police. Now, this is all my own opinion and I do thank GOD his hasn't and will never happen to me.
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    #4 Thanks for the reply. The first r**es had been short and brutal and were shocking - more like what you'd imagine r**e to be. The second r**es were much more gentle. It was like watching sex on a tv drama, but for real. Of course I realised it was still r**e - I just had to glance at my sister's face to know that - but I could hardly tear my eyes away from his half-naked body and her completely naked body, locked together and moving rhythmically as they had sexual intercourse about three feet in front of me. It just seemed to go on and on, and I eventually lost control of myself.

    We never told anyone about my reaction when we reported it. (They were never caught.) She did talk to psychiatrists about it, but she shunned me anytime I tried to talk to her. When I suggested joining her in therapy, she just slapped me and walked away. We've never discussed it since. To be honest, apart from when we put on an act for our parents, we barely talk at all.
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    #5. I only wish I'd been able to react that way. But when you're a hormonal teenager and you're seeing the spectacle of two people taking a good quarter-hour to have explicit sexual intercourse right in front of you - and, so sooner has one man finished than another takes his place and it starts all over again - your hormones take over and you just lose control.

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