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    This happened about a year ago, I work at a very large company with over a thousand employees. I was seeing a female coworker which was no secret at work. One Friday afternoon my supervisor who was about eight years older than me as if I wanted to go out for some beers that evening. Since I had recently turned 21 and havenât really drank very much thought sure sounds good. That evening we were at a sports bar for about an hour and the place got really hectic and to loud so we left and we wound up bar hopping from one bar to another. Then we wound up in this titty bar where these nude women were in the middle of the tables masturbating. I was drunk and now horny. One hour later we left and he said we were going to go to his place for awhile to drink some more and watch tv. I sat down in a chair in his living room and he put on the tv and put on a video. I was shitfaced drunk and didnât even notice what was on the tv. Then he is sitting in a chair across from me then I realized he had his dick and balls out of his open fly and he was jerking off in front of me. I was stunned and he said it was ok if I wanted to jerk off too. A minute or two later he said I know you want to jerk off, you have been horny for hours and your cock is begging to be released from those jeans. He was right I had been horny and my dick was hard as a rock. My girlfriend had told me that at 7â long my dick was just slightly above average size. I just noticed what was on the tv, 2 guys jerking off. I pulled down my zipper and pulled out my rock hard 7â which was nothing compared to his 9-10â long dick. Once my dick and balls were freed from their confines I grabbed ahold of it and began to stroke it. We were both jerking off. It felt so good sitting there stroking my hard dick, and now I didnât even mind that he was watching, and I was enjoying watching him stroking his huge dick. A couple of minutes later he stood up stroking his dick and he asked if Christine sucks my cock. I said no she said that was gross. He asked me if I wanted my cock sucked. I donât remember answering him and then next thing I know he is on his knees sucking on my hard dick. It felt so wonderful five minutes later I came into his mouth and he swallowed down all of my cum. Then he stood up and resumed stroking his huge hard dick right in front of me. He asked if I had ever sucked a dick before and I said no. He asked if I wanted to try it. I said no. He continued stroking himself in front of me and slowly got closer until his dick was an inch or two from my mouth. Then he pressed the head of his huge hard dick against my lips and I didnât resist as he pushed it between my lips and into my mouth. Next thing I knew I had half of the length of his huge dick in my mouth and then I found myself sucking on it. I sucked his huge dick for a minute or two and then I thought what the heck am I doing. I pushed him away, Then I passed out. I woke up Iâm not sure how much later but I was face down on his bed with no pants or underwear on and his huge dick was buried deep up inside of my asshole. He was fucking my asshole. I found myself enjoying feeling his huge dick up inside of my asshole and as he fucked my ass and came shooting my cum onto his bed and then a couple of minutes later he began groaning and I felt his huge dick spamming up inside of my asshole and then I felt him fillin* my asshole full of his hot cum. He drove me home and I could feel his huge load of cum up inside of my asshole. Once home I took a shower and jerked off in the shower and I found myself finger fucking my asshole as I stroked my hard dick. As I fingered my asshole I could feel his cum inside of my asshole. I jerked off 3 times in the shower. I never did anything like that ever again.

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    Hot confession! I used to suck off a guy at work and let him fuck my ass a few times. I like sucking a guy off and swallowing his man cum but he was the only one I let fuck me.

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