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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 44

    When I was 16 I got my drivers permit and took my 12 yr old brother Keith to the drive-in because my boyfriend was out of town. we arrived in time to get popcorn and sodas before the first feature began.
    The first movie was ok but when the second started it was pretty racy with lots of sex. Keith said he was cold so he moved closer as I pulled a blanket over us. After a few more sex scenes my pussy was wet that's when I noticed Keith rubbing himself under the covers. I put my hand on his leg and waited till the sex started again and then began rubbing his leg, He just stared as my fingers found his dick. As I caressed his stiff dick, he jerked then grunted as he filled his underwear with his sticky seed. He smiled and said """thanks Linda:' then leaned on my shoulder relaxing. I sat with him for a minute then said " We can get in the back seat if you want to Keith" "Ok Linda" I got on my back Lifted my skirt then slid off my under panties as he pulled down his shorts and underwear and laid on top me.

    I positioned his dick at my wet hole and said "push it in me Keith" He slowly fucked me picking up speed till I orgasmed. This young boy fucked me for half an hour Till he finally pulled out squirting all over me. I sucked him clean then dressed and drove home

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    Nice story .. fabrication though, little of the facts match reality.
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    When I was in 8th grade my best friend's sister seduced me at a sleepover. All of us guys were sleeping in our underwear and mine were colored low rise briefs and she said I was cute. She was wearing a tshirt with just panties on and she kept hanging out in the kitchen making us snacks and stuff. She asked me if I know anything about computers and I said yes even though I don't know much. I went up to her room and she kissed me and touched me through my underwear and I got excited and squirted in my pants. She kissed me, took her panties off and mine too. She got on top of me and put my penis inside her. She was bouncing and I kept falling out but she just put it right back in. I came and whole bunches of it leaked out and was all over us.
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    I was 16 and my pretty niece 9. I was almost obsessed with her whenever we were together on our own. I wanted to explore her body and everything. She was too interested see my penis and used to get intrigued watching it grow to hardness and throbbing in her hand. She would hold it and couple of times I showed her how to massage it holding its entire length within her palm. First ejaculation startled her and subsequently wanted to do it again and again. And I made a deal with her that it was our secret and that I would see her pussy to massage it. She agreed. This went on for abut a year when I started to finger her pussy using my saliva. But I could not enter my finger all the way in. Then once going through my mom;'s dressing table I came across a tube of KY gel. Wow! that was the key - when alone I took a dab of it and applied to my niece's pussy while she was stroking my cock. My index finger slid in at ease with a brief obstruction (may be her hymen was stretched), but I kept on in-and-out action for sometime that sent her body to shake for coulee of times!! I started to plan to put my hard cock into her pussy but I thought it too tight. In order to ease the passage, I started to apply KY on my two fingers and used them to insert into her pussy - they went in up to two knuckles. My niece too was just eager to put my cock into her pussy. The first time we tried was I could only able to enter my knob only before I came in gushes into her. Within a month we started fucking in full - what a pleasure in our childhood. Both now married, we still meet each other and have sex occasionally for our old time sake!!

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