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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Male / 44

    I was 13 when this happened. I was at my friends house and his older sister, along with 4 of her friends who were 15 years old, were there too. I don't know how it exactly all started but one of girls dared us boys to strip. This caused the rest of them to jump in and dare us too. When my friend asked how stripped them meant for us to get I wondered if he was serious about actually doing it. The girls wanted us stripped all the way but my friend said we would only strip down to our underwear. I guess when he said "WE" he was assuming I was going to do whatever he was but never actually asked me. Being he was my friend I did exactly as he did and we both stripped down to our underwear. We now had 5 girls looking at us in just our underwear. He pulled down the back of his underwear a few times flashing his ass to the girls and taking his lead I did the same as well.

    The girls were now asking us to take our underwear off, and being that I figured it was inevitable and we had already flashed them our asses, I took them off. I was now naked and my penis was exposed to all the girls. I was excited by the attention I was getting from them and didn't pay any attention to my friend for about a minute. When I looked over at him he seemed in shock I was naked because he still had his underwear on. Seeing this I figured I probably shouldn't have taken mine off showing it all to the girls but it was a little too late to change that now. I went to grab my underwear to put them back on but one of the girls grabbed them and told me I would get them back when they saw me with a hard on. I showed her, and all them for that matter, what she asked for and was given back my underwear.

    As I am putting on my underwear the girls are asking my friend to take his off but he is adamantly refusing. His sister tackled him and yelled at her friends to pull them off of him which they did. He was cursing ans swearing at first but soon was showing off like it was no big deal. I showed myself with a hard on and so did he but he went one step further. Once he got himself hard he didn't stop and had actually cum in front of everyone. I wasn't prepared to do that so when he went to clean up I grabbed my clothes and left with him so I would not be forced to be the next show for the girls.

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