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  • — When I Was a Kid —
    Straight Female / 25

    I fantasize about my husband m****ting child me.

    He is 22 years older than me, so I find it interesting to think about what we were both doing at different times in our life. Like, when I was going to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time, he was working construction. And then I think about him meeting me as a child and m****ting me. Im very obsessed with daddy figures because my own bio father didnt care about me much, so my husband is perfect for me. Its just that I also use him to work out some childhood turmoil. He pays lots of attention to me and mentors me, which is what I was missing as a child, and we also have a lot of sex so I think that is why these thoughts cross and mix. Either that or Im just one of those rare female perverts I guess

    Do I need therapy?

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    I think you've got it mostly figured out. Maybe your husband will role play with you. Teacher - student, or coach - cheerleader, daddy - misbehaving daughter. I would. Get hard just thinking about the scenarios. Good fuck. Ops luck. Lol
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    As long as you're happy, just go with it. Shaming sexuality is just wrong when nobody is getting hurt
    I wish I could find a girl with age issues.
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    I think #1 is pretty much right. If you aren't already, try calling your husband Daddy during sex. See how he reacts to it. It can be particularly effective to use the name with a command of some sort. If you say "Fuck me harder Daddy!" and he starts banging you like he wants to push you through the mattress, you may have found one of his fantasies as well.
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    Was your father the first man to give you an orgasm? I dated a 23 year old girl when I was 42. One night during sex she asked if she could call me daddy. She said it made her super hot so I said sure. Later on she told me her father was the first male to get her off. I did not find that healthy for her. Eventually I convinced her to seek professional help, and find someone closer to her own age. I broke off ties with her to help transition easier even though I liked her. She got help. She met a guy close to her age, and they have been together 12 years now.
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    I’ve seen this story 12 separate times, probably because it keeps getting deleted

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