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    Straight Male / 18

    I was in year 9 doing a leadership thing for school. We were doing sport leadership. There was this year 6 girl and she was really sexy, tall, big boobs (for her age) and a nice bum. I looked at her multiple times and got a boner. When it was her turn to throw she had to stand next to me. I was so turned on I felt a bit weird. I just wanted to find her in the toilets and take her bra off. And stare at her all day. I was in year 9, she was year 6

    I was really turned on when she stood next to me. If she had touched my cock, even by accident, I would have came in my pants loads. If she touched me i would have pissed myself I was that excited

    I want to take all her clothes off and just stare at her. She was so peng

    Iâ m 14 not 18 btw

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