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    I have been living in a house with my girlfriend and her best friend Tillie for almost 2 years. I work and am tired most weekdays but on weekends we not only drink a lot but smoke weed. That's where I draw the line but my girlfriend and Tillie snort coke, smoke crack and often take pills that I am sure are opioids. It first began with masturbation in front of each other but gradually turned into mutual masturbation and oral sex. There were many times we fell asleep naked which was awkward at first but after awhile it wasn't a big deal. After many months went by I became controlled by them and I'm not complaining but they have become abusive towards me. I don't mind them stimulating me with their vibrators but for months now they have been penetrating me anally with dildos that are so large that it is painful. Its not bad most of the time but they get so high with the drugs they become cruel and not just abuse me like that but insist on spanking me with a large paddle and a belt. I put up with it so far because of the way they perform oral sex and the ways they jerk me off. They spend a lot of time playing with my penis and testicles but eventually and dominantly abuse me rectally. It is stimulating most of the time but Tillie is the one who likes to use a strap on dildo to fake anal intercourse with me. I have yet to resist what they are doing but it seems they get most aggressive when they smoke the meth. Its gotten to the point where my girlfriend and I never have sex together. Tillie is always involved for the longest time now. Its not only that but my girlfriend and Tillie have sex together and have admitted to me. They have gotten so bad they do it in front of me sometimes which I don't mind watching. I try to tell them how they are abusing me and they always promise not do it again. As soon as they get crazy with the drugs it continues. Its become a hate/love relationship with the two of them.

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    If they're doing the drugs that you've mentioned on a regular basis the next level of yours will be to your bank account and there ain't no happy ending to that. it's inevitable.
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    You don't have to go along with it. At some level you enjoy the situation, otherwise you'd end or change it. Time for you to flip the script.
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    Drugs are a bitch. This will end up bad if you dont stop it. Just a matter of time before they bring someone home to fuck you.
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    Itâs time you start stimulating them analy with your cock

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