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    Straight Female / 23

    I am 23 and I got fucked last night by my 55 year old boss. I was drunk at a happy hour after work and he took me home instead of letting me leave on my own. He fucked me in my mother's house, on her bed because I was ashamed of where I lived so I had him take me to my mother's house. My mother found me passed out, naked and fucked.

    I am embarrassed more than angry, I don't want him to see me as easy or a whore, for me it was drunk and stupid, I don't care if he took advantage. I love him actually, he took me home because I am like his office girlfriend. I only wish I could remember what it was like, all I remember is being undressed, telling him I loved him and him getting on me and fucking me but I passed out before he finished, the only evidence is the stain on the bed.

    Regret is really what I feel, and embarrassed.

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    You should get drunk and let an older man that's known you for a long time and has fantasized about fucking your young pussy feel your tits until he gets hard then suck his cock.
    A family friend, uncle, mom's boyfriend.etc
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    As hi office girlfriend it should be easy to arrange a repeat. Take your your place and if he's a good boss he'll figure out a way to get you a raise, ergo better accommodations.
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    Once the ice is broken between you two allow him to do anything sexual he wishes to do BUT in exchange of pay raise and promotion. This should be in the interest of your future security. At his age any person should be discreet, financially generous and sexually mature to have sex with a younger woman.
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    My old boss at my first job was 66 years old. That old guy had a decent size dick and he always preferred to put it in my ass. Think he was in my pussy once but he switched to my ass in minutes. I was 18 at the time and he was having me come to his office two or three times a week. Pulled my dress or skirt up, bent over his desk. He let his pants fall around his ankles and pushed his briefs down. He always cummed in my ass too

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