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    Straight Female / 23

    My boyfriend is something of an artist and I have modelled for him in the past both naked and semi naked and even a few times for art classes and clubs where he has been tutoring, it always been professional and orderly - well maybe not always when there is just me and him. I really quite enjoy the feeling of being naked and looked at and my boyfriend teases me about it after.

    I wasn't specially surprised when Si my bf started talking to me about body painting. I'd seen pics online, but we'd never done it or even seen it in real life but it seemed cool. He told me he'd been talking to a guy at work abpout it and seen pictures of some of the work Tom had done on some girls like some fantasy or horror and some just painted clothes. Anyhow I asked him if he'd like to try it on me and he said yes, then a bit later said with Tom too because he had the knowledge and equipment - so I realised they had been planning this together and Si had shown Tom pictures of me and my naked body.

    The day arrived that we were going to visit Tom at his home studio, I had a full wax the day before, really from my waist down becuast aparently the paint sticks like glue to hairs and can be painful to get off. I was pretty excited for the experience and I know Si was too.

    I got undressed straight away and the boys talked about what would look best on my shape. I remember they said that my top would need to be dark because my nipples get quite puffy when I am excited and that may look obvious. I liked how Tom looked at me, my thigh gap, butt, tummy, boobs and nipples and touched me freely too. Soon they had come up with a plan, skin tight ripped jeans and a blue and red bra top.

    The painting was a longer time than I expected and not vey interesting but Si and me were both surprised when Tom said that the test would be when we went for a walk down the sea front to see if anyone noticed WHAT ! Si was soon talked into it and then talked me into agreeing if I was happy with how the finished job looked. OMG naked in the street except for paint - they promised they'd have a coat and I'd be quite safe but some people may notice but it would be ok.

    The finished job I have to say was amazing, the detail they did was incredible. I was just wearing flip flop sandles and a little bit of non allergic sticky plaster over my vagina to stop the paint going inside other than that I was just wearing paint. They took some pictures and showed me on the computer and tbh I really looked like I was sexily dressed, I could see the front crack of my pussy but the said it just looked like ultra tight clothing.

    We drove a short way to the sea front to the quieter end, got out of the car and I slipped my coat off and the guys quickly checked the paint for damage, and we set off walking towards the pier where it was much busier. I was scared witless as we passed the first few people either couples walking or people exercising their dogs but no one seemed tand there were a few photos but no one to notice. As there were more people some guys looked but probably because I was dressed sexy anyway. There were a few sly photo's from guys with phones but I never heard the "My god she's naked" as I was draeding.

    On the way back we stopped for a drink in the garden of a bar where people were much closer - some folks here noticed and a few took photos but no one said anything bad or called me out, We quickly left and went back to the car when I told the guys I would soon need to pee.

    We ate a little when we got back and got really friendly, then the guys took me to the bathroom to peel off the paint it felt like a very weird striptease as the paint peeled back, and both guys were touching me all over. It was my biggest sexual high ever without penetration. When the paint was all off and on the large towel on the floor I was left to shower and touch myself. As I was out of the shower and drying of Si came into the bathroom and I confessed how horny I was feeling and wanted a fuck desperately - he just replied "We all do"

    I stopped in my tracks and said what Tom too, with me. I was amazed when Si said yeah it's been fun it'll be the perfect end. I told him I'd not been with anyone else since I met him and he said he knew but it would be cool if I'd agree to it. Tom was my type, and beautifully built, polite, charming I just asked Si if he was sure, which was a big give away I was up for it and he promised me he was more than ok about it.

    The three of us went to the bedroom and they started kissing, licking and touching me and I was touching them and undressing them. Si told Tom he could go first and he was soon naked on the bed. His body was more beautiful naked than clothed and we were kind of rolling together. When Tom was on top of me laying between my legs he told Si he just couldn't do it with another guy watching and asked him to go to the living room which he obediently did after he dropped a pack of condoms on the bed.

    After he'd gone Tom told me he didn't care about another guy watching but he didn't want me to feel inhibited. I said what me here with a stranger between my legs - inhibited lol. He told me this wasn't just opportunistic, he'd wanted me for quite a while and I told him I wanted him too, or he wouldn't be here dong this. After a bit more kissing and whispering he slipped his bare cock inside me, we both ignored the condoms - this was going to be a special one, and it was. After a long while he came right deep inside me and I just layed in his arms. We heard Si approach and Tom said "I want to fuck you again" I whispered on my breath "Yes, me too" as he pulled away he murmerred "Often" I smiled. He disappeared out of the room.

    Si was pissed off when we were alone, specially when he realised we hadn't used a condom, just questions. Why did it take so long, I heard you laughing and moaning. I told him look I've never done casual sex, I can't help but get into it, it's just how I am, he backed off long enough to fuck me and I tried really hard to make it good for hem, but I think we both know he has lost a part of me to Tom.

    Who knows where this goes, I don't. We are back home together and everything is ok, but that's just it, it's OK.

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    Guys never learn.

    If you are ok with your woman fucking another guy you are just asking for trouble.
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    Re.: 2. Even trouble ahead, I don't mind - need cocks as many as possible in a single session of a night (or day), when I get too horny.

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