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    Straight Male / 27

    Had to move back home after my dad died last year to help my mom out with maintaining the house and property. Of course being 27 Iâm young, horny and have a strong sex drive. Moving home at the beginning of this year I knew it would put a burden on my sex life but that I can live with since Iâm busy doing yard work often and working.

    But I do masturbate, daily. Ever since Iâve moved home Iâve had to masturbate daily to keep my sex drive happy. Where this gets embarrassing is I had my room door open last month with my windows open since there was a nice breeze coming in the house. My briefs were on the floor and I was naked in bed. I am straight but I have toys as I like to play with my butt sometimes so I had a buttplug in my butt and my prostate massager on my stand beside my bed.

    My mom was getting the laundry started and I thought she wouldnât come upstairs but she cane up to collect my laundry. She walked in my room to get the few pairs of dirty briefs off my floor and made eye contact with me as I was masturbating! She freaked out and screamed a little! My blanket was no where near around so she saw me named, hard and saw the buttplug in me! She didnt know what to do expect say what is in your ass? At that point cum was oozing out my cock too. She turned around and left my room, stopping to pick up my briefs off the floor.

    I pulled the plug out of my butt and took my sheet off my bed since it had cum on it. Put on my pajama pants and headed down stairs. Waited for my erection to go down first. When I meet my mom in the kitchen she broke the ice saying I didnât know you were up and masturbating or else I wouldnât had came in your room. I told her itâs fine. She told me donât let that affect my habits, she figured I masturbated anyways since Iâm a young guy. Then we got to talking about the toys I had and she was curious as to how long Iâve been into butt stuff. Told her about a girl friend I had that liked to put a plug in me and massage my prostate so ever since then Iâve just always done it.

    At that point I was getting hard talking about it and had to tell my mom that I wasnt wearing underwear so itâs best we donât talk about that stuff. She told me she isnât worried seeing me with an erection, all guys get them so itâs the least if her worries. Ever since I moved in she told me just to do my normal daily and morning routines that I did living on my own. Which that would be staring my day drinking coffee in just my briefs. But I hadnât done that out of respect. I told her I hadnât done that because I have morning glory so I put pj pants on. She told me my dad every morning was drink h coffee in his tighty whities with morning glory so it doesnât bother her at all. Isnât much you can do about being hard in the morning.

    So now Iâm comfortable with her seeing me naked and in my briefs in the morning. And itâs now known I masturbate in the morning and before bed

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    Seems that your mom is interested to watch you masturbate. Do you think you would ask her to masturbate you to morning glory? Let's see what happens with her!! May be you two join in mutual masturbation sessions.
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    Honestly if it was t so weird Iâd let her give me a handjob in the morning. Iâm always so hard and would be nice to have someone masturbate me. I know she has a dildo that she uses often. Could her her using it a few times, she sounds like she rides it pretty hard. As far as mutual masturbation, Iâm up for it. Maybe watch a porn movie together? My dad had quite a few movies from the 80s! I like watching them, big bushes and tighty whities! Great porn.

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