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    Bi-Sexual Male / 37

    Was having sex with my boyfriend yesterday during my shift at the hospital. Iâm a surgeon, had a few hours of personal time. Boyfriend brought food so we ate and then he wanted fucked before he went back to his apartment. Took my scrub pants and underwear off, he got naked and he bent over the bed in the room I slept in. Little bit of lube and I was fucking him. Felt great, was going great and I was cumming in no time. Needed that orgasm for sure.

    But as I was Cummings his stomach made some noises and I felt a warm rush around my dick. I thought maybe it was just my cum. I pulled out of his ass and saw my dick was covered in shit. I wasnât really grossed out, have to except it can happen with anal sex. Boyfriend has ibs so some days sex is risky. The food we ate just didnât settle right with him.

    No big deal for me, I wiped my dick off with baby wipes and he wiped himself up. He got dressed a d I just put my scrub pants on. Put my underwear in my pocket and walked with him to the restroom. Kissed him goodbye and could tell he was embarrassed. I went to the locker room to shower. Got all cleaned up and got dressed. Luckily no one was in there when I was washing my dick off.

    This morning I go home but stop by my boyfriends house first. He was still embarrassed and I had to tell him itâs fine. Heâs only 24 and weâve been seeing each other for 9 months, I took his virginity.

    Had sex with him this morning before he went to work and that helped calm him down. Weâve had bare sex our whole relationship, I was gonna use protection when i took his virginity but we were in a hotel in a different state and all I had was lube in my bag.

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    Nice, he should read up on how to be clean. Itâs happened to me with big dicked dudes once of twice. Normally clean though
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    #1 I know, Iâve gave him some tips on cleaning before. It happened once before and that kinda was my fault. We had sex when he was having digestive issues that week but he wanted sex too. I wore a condom that time though. Normally I wear a condom when I know it could be a tad messy.

    I understand the mess that big dicks can cause! Iâve had a few in my life. Dated a big dick guy and I mainly bottomed. But Iâm a little over 6â with 6â of girth.
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    When I was a few years younger I bottomed but it was mostly spontaneous sex with older boys who shared a little pot with me. It would happen anywhere and it was usually a real quickie. My problem wasn't so much being clean but if I had a full bladder and I usually was getting fucked up my cutoffs with underwear aside I'd uncontrollably wet myself.
    Pretty embarrassing for a fresh young kid for sure!
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    #3 didnât you have your dick out or did you leave it in your underwear? And you should had peed before taking a guy anally!
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    I am the top in our relationship and we often have morning sex in the shower before he goes to the John. I fuck and cum in him and keep fucking until he has fully emptied out. It is personal and intense and I love the feeling of his warm squishy shit around my cock. The hot water and soap cleans us off and in the weekends we go back to bed all nice and clean and I fuck him again.

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