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    Straight Male / 21

    Back when I was 16 I had a 17 year old girlfriend. She was the first to let me fuck her. She was pretty experienced and I loved being with her. She was a stone cold hottie, and beautiful to boot. Then after about 8 months she was going to college and we were in her dorm room with her room mate away for a long weekend. I was fucking her in her ass and she kept asking me to stop and pull out that she had to go to the bathroom. I was so close to cumming I kept going and she shit all over us both. I stuck it back in and came, then pulled out. She was embarrassed beyond belief. After I washed us both up, we gathered the sheets and got a ton of Lysol in the room. She was so embarrassed she wouldn't see me again. It's been 2 and 1/2 year now and she won't even look at me if we are at the same grocery store. The only time she even talked to me after she broke it off, which was the day after shitting all over us, was at a party where she begged me not to tell her current boyfriend what she'd done.

    Beautiful, great body (she still has her original body back after having twins too) sexually open but broke it off because she was embarrassed that she shits.

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    She probably also cut you off, because your actions showed you didn't care about her and what she was feeling and experiencing.
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    I had my high school girlfriend shit all over me during anal. Sex was feeling very good for her. It was our first time doing anal. Then out of nowhere she pulls off my dick and shit falls out of her ass and my dick was already covered at that point. She runs to her bathroom. She was in the bathroom for around 5 minutes before she opened the door to let me in. She was crying and embarrassed. I started the shower and we took a shower together. Many times I told her it was okay. In the middle of the shower I was hugging her from behind, I had her lean over a bit and I put my dick back in her butt. In a minute I was filling her rectum with my big load. She was moaning like crazy. After we showered and I cummed we laid in her bed and fell asleep naked.

    That’s one reason I recommend shaving your pubes if you do anal! If I would had been hairy it would had been more messy. I’ve always shaved. Also now married to her

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