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  • — My Cheating Heart —
    Straight Female / 28

    My husband once told me if he ever caught me with another man, or even sensing I was interested sexually in another man, he'd kill the guy and probably me.
    That was then. This is now. Not only did he begin to enjoy watching me have sex with other men, he actively sought out guys when we were out and about, making sure they were okay to fuck me in front of him.
    My husband told them it was his way of controlling my wanton side. Yet it was his release, or it was until I began to choose for myself the men I'd like to indulge sexually with.
    Things changed then in more than one way. Firstly he began to tell me he wasn't enjoying the whole scenario anymore, then he tried to intervene one night, and got himself knocked out by a man who I spent hour after hour having seriously awesome inventive sex with.
    That night more than any, defined how we are together to this day.
    My husband no longer has any choice in who or when I have sex. And his days of watching me being fucked are soon to be over too. Not that he's around for most of my extra marital debauchery anymore.
    Most of the time these days, I have my male callers around during the daytime, when my husband is at work. And nine times out of ten they're gone hours before he gets home. However, if I am still enjoying a mans cock deep inside my pussy and ass, or his tongue lapping at my holes, and he arrives home, he now knows it's his place to offer a drink and to ask if we'd like a meal preparing.
    My husband might wear the trousers in our marriage, but he's no longer the person who threatens violence if he suspects I'm fucking other men. That's because he knows I am, and sucks it up whether he likes it, or not.

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