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    Lesbian Female / 26

    As a study abroad college student I met the woman who lived next door. She took an interest in me and invited me over and took me around. She took me to a party, it was an all 'girl' party, including a game of pairing, you got a number out of a bag, and you got paired with another girl for the night. That was my introduction with girl sex. My partner knew it all, I was a complete novice, but not after that night. She showed me, and I went along.

    After that party I was part of the crowd, obviously only interested in my partner from that first party. She accepted me and we became inseparable. I fell for her, hard. She tried to stay unaffected but cried and cried the night before I had to return home.

    My folks thought it crazy for me to spend my Christmas break, and then Spring break with her. I had to 'come out'. I was cautioned about an older girl, in Paris, watch myself. But love is blind. In the end distance looked like it would kill our thing, I hurt for a year, she thought silence would work. She cried too. Then out of the blue my mother took me to Paris, to either move on or hang on. I hung on, asked her to come to live with us, my Dad would help us until we got married and she could work here.

    Anyway, Springtime in Paris is Springtime in Paris, and love was in the air. We are married now, we got married at sunrise at our beach house and even my Grandparents came. We have all the papers now, my 'wife' works for my Dad as his receptionist for his Dental practice, one step at a time. Oh, she is older, a whole three years older. We need a few years for her citizenship, that's our goal.

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    That's lovely. Congrats!

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